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What I'm going to is that a person who has just assumed who he is does not need sex, he needs, first, to feel good about himself before having sex. It is a psychological issue. Carlos does not feel good in public and has sex with a guy who has no shame? Carlos still has a long way to go to not feel intimidated by affective actions in public.

Me parece demasiado pronto.

I still find it disgusting to associate Carlos with Dan. Carlos is very different, he doesn't need that kind of relationship, especially when he was finally able to face his own reality.

I didn't even want to do it with my pj.

I don't remember Carlos having any "crush" for Elliot in Yags.

Why not make the game in a graphics engine like Unreal or Eclipse? It's free and you could raise funds to give voice to the characters ... I even had an idea of what the voices of Carlos, Adam and James would be like.
Hopefully one day you can remake the game, in the rpg style of Dragon Age: Origins.

Chris ... wouldn't it have been better to leave Chris's creation to us? We played YAGS with a faceless Chris, no skin color . I imagined him to be red-haired, with blue eyes and tanned skin (artificial, he's so white that the sun makes his skin red: v).
I am a bit shocked that you have decided on his appearance ... I already have to bear that in the demo I hardly interact with Carlos and see that he will have something with James.

The romance with Carlos and James is beautiful. What bothers me is having to hurt or give false signals to Carlos to be with Adam. I would like you to reveal that and change the script for Adam, she is a character that I love but Carlos is too special to have a bad time.
James, I love how in the end it turns out to be all cute and a bit silly, xD
Adam, as I said, I find it difficult to get to him, but not because of the difficult ones, but because of the requirements: Carlos.
Carlos: it's perfect, the skin, the face, the body, the size of the penis. The only thing that bothers me is that he never said "I love you" to his boyfriend. I know it's implied, they get married and everything ... but I'd like him to tell  to his hubby.
Dan is meh, I don't like him. I like sex but not like that, it reminds me of those serial stalkers. Nathan is the worst.
The romance with Jake reminds me of Merrill or Sera from Dragon Age: very childish and strange.
Hannah and Nik are perfect, the Liz are like two mothers, xD. The twins are fine, they play the role of bitches.