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Train Station Game Assets

309 static tiles (32x32 in size) + 8 animations for use in your project! · By GuttyKreum

Can't get animated tiles that are more than 1 tile to fit together

A topic by hexmedia created Oct 10, 2020 Views: 50 Replies: 3
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I have tried playing with the animations and just can't get them to work. I have been able to get two tiles of the tree (trunk and top) animated but they are not put together - they have a gap between them.

they are both on my events as connected tiles:

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank you - love the new interior pack!


Heya! Thanks for reaching out. Here is a screencap I just took of some settings in RPG Maker VX Ace for a tree I put together for the example tutorial that comes with the Train Station set. It currently plays the animation without a gap. The 'Graphic' in each event is taken from the '!TreeB_3.png' tilemap. The '!' in the name of the tilemap should be preventing any offset (from what I have read anyway, I am not super versed in RPG Maker VX Ace unfortunately). What does your 'Move Route' look like? Thanks for the love regarding my new interior pack!


Woo hoo! I figured it out - forgot to enlarge the tiles to MV 48x48, like I do with all the other tiles


Glad to hear that you figured it out! : D