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That pixel art this set is based on is amazing!! Would love to see more of them based on the asset packs - could we use them for backgrounds for cut scenes or battles? (not the animated version, that would probably be too complicated.)

Woo hoo! I figured it out - forgot to enlarge the tiles to MV 48x48, like I do with all the other tiles

I have tried playing with the animations and just can't get them to work. I have been able to get two tiles of the tree (trunk and top) animated but they are not put together - they have a gap between them.

they are both on my events as connected tiles:

Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Thank you - love the new interior pack!

Are you talking about Patreon? What is your link?

I have purchased almost all of your packs, but now that I am designing inside maps, I realized you don't have any kind of "Japanese Home" set.  I have to patch together stuff from your school and business sets, and other sets that don't match your beautiful style.   If you are working on anything, I suggest an indoor residential set because that is where there seems to be a hole in your portfolio. And of course, I would buy it right away. (or do you do custom work?)

I actually got them to work by making them characters and using the "Stepping" option in the events!  Whew! Thank you for your prompt reply!

I have purchased almost all of your sets! They are beautiful....however I am unsure how to use the animated tiles. I have tried resizing them for MV then putting a PNG in the slot for A1 - at the 768x512 required, parts of the tiles are gone and it is too big.  At the size you provided, 384x256 doesn't work either.  Also tried: I have replaced three animated lava tiles from the default animated tiles (96x96) PNG with 3 bush tiles from your set. This seems to mess up how the tiles are placed - I try to place the bush but it places other tiles instead...and the bush doesn't show up on the tileset, it still looks like lava. I appreciate your help, I purchased your designs because of the amazing little animations and I would really like to use them.

These are beautiful and I would like to use all or most of them, but some are 32 and some are 48 px. Do you have the 32 pixel packs available in 48 for MV?