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In terms of gameplay I think it definitely has potential to expand further. I can see something similar to Windland or Jet Island, where the most interesting part is to build mastery upon new "sports", in your case it's flying, crawling and jumping. The flying mechanic is also perfect for exploring big open maps. 

However I'm a bit confused whether I should flap my wings like a bird or just wiggling rapidly. The level is too daunting for beginners to practice flying. I'd prefer a "safer" place to do the tutorial.

Also you'll have to implement in-game rotation sooner or later, unless you're targeting wireless device like Quest. I couldn't finish the laser part simply because the cable was too annoying. 

Played with Vive wands again and no glitch this time. So it might be the issue on the Oculus controllers or just Virtual Desktop itself.  I do notice that the "HandVelocity" on Oculus Touch is generally higher (and less "realistic"), so if the physics relies on it you might want to take it into consideration early.  

Played on Oculus Quest via Virtual Desktop and character becomes uncontrollable as soon as I touch the ground. It feel like some "wall glitch" in other games that causes the character move very fast. 

Tried it and it's basically Gorn's movement (grab-to-move) with lower gravity. I don't see anything new in terms of locomotion. Please correct me if I have misunderstood.  

I'm not against making a melee game with grab-to-move mechanic. Quite the opposite, I'd love to see more melee games with different setting. 

However although I love Gorn's locomotion, be aware that it had been criticized heavily on release and they're forced to include thumbstick control. 

Wish you luck in future development.