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You can use them however you want ^^ No need to credit or something like that :D

Yoo habe gerade deinen Post gesehen! Der Grafikstil der Backgrounds im Kontrast zu den Chars finde ich super interessant! Ich schaue mir das game morgen mal an und schreibe dir Feedback! ^^

I think the web version is quite buggy. I died and were in an infinite loop of taking damage even when Im dead already. Also  are those controls for a left handed person, cause for me as a right handed player it is REALLY awful to control the player. Maybe its just me but the controls should be revised. Other than that I really love the art style! Pretty beautiful game, you got there :D

Great game! Lovel Visuals

I would love to have some better instructions as User Interface. Explaining everything with dialogue seems a bit boring and weird. Also I played for the first time and felt a bit lost when I did know how to land the ship or leave the terminal. The graphics are very interesting but often a bit hard to understand wheres ground and where I can jump or walk. I really like the idea to ride a air ship! Nice!

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Download and Play the Demo

This game is in a very early developement state (3 months in developement). You can download the first gameplay demo. The main focus are the controls, so please leve a feedback (in the comments under the game, or with the feedback button in the main menu)

!!!There is no controller support for the UI yet. The ingame controls are controller supported (tested with xBox Controller) but the UI has to be controlled with the mouse.!!!

"Makis Adventure is an pixelart metroidvania with mysterious and exciting dungeons to explore and many enemies and NPC´s to meet..."


You take the role of Maki, a shark demon, who wakes up in an old and dark prison.  Face 6 dungeons and defeat mighty opponents. Explore the world and make friends with friendly creatures, who will help you on your adventure. At the end of your adventure you have to face a powerful Boss creature, to regain the throne of demons.

Watch the Trailer:

Dude Hamsterball is just a remake of super monkey ball. Super monkey ball was a sucessfull Nintendo game for the Nintendo DS and one of my favourite games 

WOW! Super cooles Spiel. Die Musik ist awesome. Vor allem mit der steigenden Spannung. Das Prinzip hat mir auch eine Menge Spaß gemacht :D

Wow! Looks awesome. Im a Overwatch Fan and I love it!

Holy Shit! This game is amazing. Its my first pokemon fan game to play and I Love it!!!

No problem. I hope my pack will help you :D

Thank you very much :D What do you think about the first prototype?

Please drop some constructive criticism ;D

Hey guys,
I started the developement of my next project  "Poly Race" (placeholder name) . It will be a low poly online racing game. You will be able to play with 1-4 players and other people can spectate or watch the match from the grandstands next to the track. 

Try the demo:

What is done?
-The first track -
-The car and camera controller
-The game is playable solo

What is coming?
-The network code for multiplayer
-More maps and content

Good luck! Its a nice game :D

Thank you very much! :D

You are right. I will change the shop UI Design. Thank you ^^

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This Graphic package contains 14 beautiful Sprites for a tower defense game:

-3 different Enemy sprites (a bumblebee, a dragon-fly and a bug) 

-4 different farmer sprites (a lumberjack, a Sinn-Farmer, a pitchfork-farmer and a flamethrower guys) 

-2 different Tile designs for the ground 

-3 Environment sprites (a glasshouse, a broken Sign and a tree design) 

-Shop and game UI (Shop Button and "Next Wave" Button

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I designed a UI-Pack with 13 different and simplistic UI designs.

You will get:

-Play Button
-Pause Button
-Restart Button
-Arrow Button
-Home Menu Button
-Back Button
-Settings Button
-Exit Game Button
-Player Stats Button
-Instagram Logo
-Patreon Logo
-Twitch Logo
-Shop Button

Hey guys,

I started the developement of my first online multiplayer game. Its an untitled Bullet Hell Shooter. You will be able to play with 2- 6 players. AI is coming later. 

What is done?

-Server side code is done so far. You can create and find rooms and change the room name and player size

-The first weapon (an Assault Rifle) is playable

-Gameplay logic is done (You can get killed and respawn)

-Usernames get displayed above the player

Lets goo Dude! That game was awesome I wish you the best for future developemen :D

thank you very much! I follow you 2 😁

cool game idea. Thats a nice hyper casual game. Publish it for mobile! 😁

thank you very much! You too, of course ^^

Those people, who cant take criticism shouldnt become game devs xD. A area like gaming is divided in many sections, the pro gamer or e sport gamer for example wont have any interests in a relaxing casual game and the casual "weekend gamer" wont have any interests on games with a big pro community. You cant get everyone happy so you should listen to criticism and try to make other people want to play your gamw too.  Many gamedevs or companies dont give a fuc* about the audience opinion and thats the reason for games loosing their hype or "die" . I develope games because its my love and life not (yet) because of money. I mean im 17 and a student but ofcourse i want to earn something in the future ;D but money or fame wont be my main reason to develope games. So I want to make my community or players happy and give them a great and enjoyable time while playing my games thats the point why criticism and feedback is very important to me :D

thank you very much for your honest opinion. I will continue developement on this game to make a full release one day , so your words help  me a lot improving the quality ^^

Rated 120+ games so far, so if you want a rating too, just rate my game and you will get one!

My game: Thank you ^^

Heres my game thx

I rated more than 120 games so far, If you want a rating too, just rate my game and you will get a rating from me too ^^

My game:

really great game! The idea is so unique and nice

rated you did a nice game!

rated! Nice one!

wow! You did a great job! I really liked the game. Had so much fun playing it!

very nice game! I really like the graphics and visuals. You did a great job dude!

thank you for your feedback!


thank you very much!

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you very much!