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Thanks for the feedback! Everything in are 3D-Models. It wasn't actually that hard. I just added 2D-Colliders and 2D-Physics to the 3D models. 

Rate Outer Space by ZoppaZop for Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 -

Try mine too, please!

It's 3D graphics with 2D physics, does that count?

Rate Outer Space by ZoppaZop for Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 -

Rate Outer Space by ZoppaZop for Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 -

Try mine too, please!

Rate Outer Space by ZoppaZop for Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 -

Try mine too, please!

Try mine too please! Rate Outer Space by ZoppaZop for Blackthornprod GAME JAM #3 -

Thanks a lot!

The shockwave that appears when you get hit I think.

I have never seen so much good feedback in one comment! I thought about some of the things myself, but was to lazy to write them down. Very good feedback, for a very good game! Awesome!

Oh dear, this game is amazing I love your pixel art and the style of making every plattform in black. Also the controlsfeel really responseble (especially the wallrunnig and dash) and I like the mix of two attacks (in which the dash is by the way my favorite in all plattformers). I think the boss should have had the same pixelsize as the rest of the worl, but maybe you were just running out of time.

Also: I was really impressed with the shockwave effect, because I tried to make one myself a few weeks ago and failed. How did you do that? Shader Graph? A Shader applied on the cam? Please tell me how to make this effect, I would really appreciate that!

Although the game is awesome, I think the dash attack should have a bit more impact. The first few minutes I was playing the game I thought t didn't make any damage. Also the walking particles should be square, so that they match the pixel art.

Appart from that: cool game! I had a lot of fun!

Thanks for the great feedback! It means a lot to me.

The music is awesome and the art too! Beautiful story! Basiclly it is the reason why I joined this gamej am: so I can force me to make a small project. I think maybe everyone of us had this problem once or more.

Small tip for the next time you make a plattformer: I would add a Physics Material without friction to the player and instead type in a higher value for linear drag in the Rigidvody2D-Component. That prevents you from getting stuck on stairs like in this game.

I love the particle effects, especially of the bubbles. They give the game so much depth.  Also very cool ideas for enemys, and the main mechanic is amazing. Very well done!

Sorry for that. I thought Unity said, that it is playable on both. I will change the games page now. 

And of course I will rate your game back! 👍 

Thaks for the great feedback! My only playtesters were my parents and they don't know much about videogames. When they played it, it looked far to hard, so I made the Enemys spawn less frequently. When a played game myself, it was a bit Boeing and easy for me too. I think next time I am going to make an easy and a hard Mode, so that everybody is happy 😊. 

But did you get to the first big Enemy? This is the moment when it gets a bit harder and the real fun starts. If not, I would definetly think it is worth a other try! 

Oh, that makes sense. I think it would have been good if you wrote on the submission page. Did you allready think of working on it more, and maybe making it a full release? I played the game three times now and I will continue. I'm a big fan!

Very good music and Post-Processing effects. Also amazing humor with the squares and storyline!

Good game! I like that the colors of the background and player are changing. I think a score system would have been good.

Good game! I like that the colors of the background and player are changing. I think a score system would have been good.

You mastered the 1-bit art style. The controlls also feel very good. Cool game overall! I love the joke woth the "pit of shame" ;-).

Please try my game as well. It is my second game and I haven't gotten much feedback yet. It would be really helpful to find some bugs or design flaws!

Amazing idea, perfect for the theme and the duck sounds are just wonderful!

It is really amazing, I wish there was a tipfile to download!

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How do I open a rar-file?

For your first game, this is amazing. The graphics are really good. I think it is a bit hard, and it would make much more fun if you would regain one heart every room

Even the easy mode is too hard for me, but maybe I am just a loser. Cool game!

Amazing idea graphics soundeffects and music, but I think it is a bit to hard.

Really good visuals and cool idea. I think it would have been more challanging if you made several levels and no random generation. In the current state it is kin of just luck, if you get a good start or not. I managed to get a score of 1800 after 5 trys and after that it was impossible to get more.

Overall a really good idea! Please keep working on this a week or two and try to add music and sound, and make levels. Then the game would be amazing!

I like how you managed to make so many setttings for mouse sensitivity and accesebility. Visuals are awesome, gameplay is ok.

How did you manage to make this in a week? This is amazing! The art, the story, I love it. I especially like the big fish enemys! Please turn this into a full realease! If it had more gameplay and would cost about 10 or 15 bucks I would definely buy it. And if you do this, please add more of these amazing Enemys. Question: Is the fish-thingy that floats around you made with procedural animation?

Only one thing is missing, I think: In which way is this fitting the theme?

I love the art style and the idea, but the controlls are a bit hard to figure out on PC. I think you could have made the hitboxes of the triggers a bit bigger, or made it so that you press a and d. Music and Sounds would have added so much to the game. Maybe try to add them next time, if you still have time left.

The game is very beatiful. You are very good at pixel art! I think it would have been much more interesting if yyou added audio. It don't has to be much but maby a few sounds when you wlk or feed a pig would have been awesome. For the score and timer I would have used a pixel art font asset (It would fit the artstyle better). You don't have to make one yourself, I think Unity has one build in.

Overall a very solid, fun  experience with amazing pixelart! Very cool!