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An interesting idea. I wish there were some visual clues at each intersection that might give me a hint to which way I should be turning rather than just repeatedly playing through the same parts due to a bad decision. Nice use of the assets and sounds.

You did a great job of setting a mood with the story and music. The controls seemed very responsive and easy to figure out. Some of the sound effects were a little loud for wearing headphones. :)

Overall, a nice little platformer.

I liked the concept. A mini-map would have been nice, but perhaps too easy for finding the crew floating in the water. Very relaxing even if I couldn't ever quite get more than a silver metal! :)

Excellent submission! It was just difficult enough to provide a challenge without getting too frustrating. The controls felt a little sluggish when trying to jump/move from a standstill, but they felt very responsive in the air. Nice work.

Good work! Really like the vibe of it. The opening story was great. The game play needs some polish, but it's a great start. Keep it up!

Nice little platformer! The jump felt like it could just be a hair higher. I kept getting stuck on the edges of things, but overall it was delightful.

Nice work! Really liked the lighting effect and the randomly generated dungeons.

Thanks! Yeah, ran out of time for music and sound. Definitely have plans to add some music to it as development continues. :)

A pretty good start to a game! An action-packed soundtrack would have definitely helped up the tension as well as some variety to the enemies. Good work :)

A decent start! Definitely wish there were a few more levels to play.

Very nice puzzle game with some interesting mechanics. Great job!

Very nice puzzle game with some interesting mechanics. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm hoping to keep developing this idea even further in the near future. :)

Well done! I really liked this one. Thank you for adding a toggle on the CRT visual :)

Very nice! Didn't realize you could change directions, so I was bouncing off the walls to change directions. It made the 3rd level funny because I was bouncing off walls to stay on the moving platform! XD

Adding the "Z" key to change direction was very helpful (just like reading the directions haha). I did notice an issue with the moving platforms that when my character should have landed on it, he just fell straight through.

Fun game! I really like the concept.