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Hey, das freut mich sehr, vielen lieben Dank, das bedeutet mir viel ♥

Meine Spiele sind aufgrund der Engine nicht optimiert für den Browser. Es ist immer besser, sie herunterzuladen, da gibt es deutlich weniger Bugs (aber perfekt bin ich leider trotzdem nicht xD). Schön, dass es trotzdem noch geklappt hat!

Vielen Dank für den netten Kommentar :) Es freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat. 

Was den Code angeht: Du müsstest doch nur den letzten Spielstand noch einmal laden (kurz vor dem Ende ist noch ein Autosave) und die End-Sequenz noch einmal durchlaufen lassen. Dann kannst du dir auch den Code aufschreiben. Nach der Sequenz wird mit Absicht nicht gespeichert, sonst müsste man tatsächlich alles nochmal spielen, wenn man sich den Code nicht gemerkt hat.

Ich hoffe das hilft dir weiter :)

Love these sets. Great work! Thank you so much :)

Uhmm... A preview of music? How? And you know it's free of charge, so why don't just download and check it?

It's fine :)

We developed this game together so we both uploaded the same game with the same text. But thanks for paying attention so well :)

Freut mich, du Hüpfhörnchen :D

Vielen Dank!

Hello, thank you for the kind words :)

Glad you like it. Everyone likes sea cucumbers :D

This game was a jam submission. One rule was that we had to use the default hero, which is Harold in MV. So I had no choice with the name, but tried to set up an interesting story. I hope you will like the story also :)

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Sehr witziges, liebevoll gemachtes Spiel. Gameplay hat vielleicht noch etwas Luft nach oben, aber den Humor muss man erlebt haben. Ein Loner-Original, wie man es nicht beschreiben kann! Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß, vielen Dank für dieses Spiel!

PS: Aber bei mir funktioniert die Steuerung mit Klobürste nicht! Ich will mein Geld zurück!1!

Thanks a lot! ♥

I hope it's also fun to play :)

Hey there :)

I remember you - thanks for giving me another chance :) I'm glad you like the game and it motivates me a lot to continue!

Unfortunately, the game is only a demo at the moment, but it will definitely be expanded and should only give a brief glimpse, because the humor is not everyone's cup of tea. So you can quickly decide if you want to continue playing or if you're not interested in the full version.

I like your idea with the feature of the world, thanks for that! This is - like so much else at the moment - just a placeholder and will only be picked up once briefly by your woodlouse. The idiot theme is a central crux of the game, so I can't let the player change that. I understand what you mean, though, and will give this some thought.

Thanks so much for playing and streaming, it really means a lot to me! Will watch the video later.

Glad you like it, this means a lot to me ♥

This is absolutely working as intended. After all, it's an rpg, and in most rpgs, you need to look for yourself. Since you do not have much possibilities (you can't go back), the path forward is not too hard to find, I think. And there will be harder puzzles to solve than that :) 

Have fun playing :)

Glad it works in the downloaded version.

No, you don't miss anything, but try to click on the trees at the left side :)

Good idea, yes of course I could do that.

Right now, it's super busy at work, so I don't have time for an update. So I hope everything will work with the downloaded version so you don't have to wait.

Thank you for this hint!

Yes this game has an autosave, on two slots that alternate. Is your dissapearing save game that one from the autosave or from a manual save?

Unfortunately, I'm not able to re-script the autosave feature on my own, so I'm afraid we have to deal with this, sorry :(

Love to hear that you enjoy the game despite this issue. Hope it will work in the downloaded version, so you can enjoy the rest too :)

Oh, that's sad :( Might be a problem of your cache or something because it's working for me. I'll just copy the info from the game's site:

Note: If you have issues while playing the browser version, please be aware this game can be played in browser, but it isn't optimized for that. So if you encounter any problems, please consider downloading it. If the error still consists in the downloaded version - please tell me! I will fix it as soon as possible!

Hey, thank you so much for playing and streaming! This is the second game I ever released, so of course I know I had (and still have) a lot to learn. I'm glad you like it a bit and I understand what you mean. Did you know you can choose your own difficulty? You can choose how rapidly hunger and thirst should drop, so if you make it slower, it should be better. But nevertheless, I learned a lot from making this game so I won't do this again. Thanks for your feedback, I really appreaciate it!

Well of course he is an idiot, so he doesn't know either, but he does surive somehow :D

Good decision! Keep up the good work! 

No, this doesn't help at all.

It's the exact same file. I don't have any other file. I don't set the wrong version to the browser one. There is nothing hidden in the archive.

Above I said what helped. I even don't know why.

But thanks - finally an answer from admin, I really appreciate this!

Ok, it seems to work now. I don't know why. I changed nothing on the game itself. 

This is what I did:

- upload the game

- click "this file will be played in the browser"

- save & view the page

- doesn't work

- uncheck "this file will be played in the browser", save & view the page

- check "this file will be played in the browser" again, save & view the page

- and it works.

Whatever. Thanks anyway! I can't even believe it works now, lol.

What do you mean by "which files"? Size? It's an rpg maker project, so size of every single file is small, but there a lot of them.

What makes you think it includes a whole other copy of the game? It's just one game, no added extras or anything. You can download on the main page and see for yourself

Thank you so much! I reached the point I take every help I can get. I tried so much and really don't know what to do. In my archive, there are only json, png, m4a, txt, html and js files. And the game is working on my test page as you can see for yourself, so it can't be something wrong with the archive - can it?


I'm trying to upload my game so it can be played in the browser. I have a couple of games you can already play in browser, so in general I know what to do (at least I think so, lol).

But this one just won't work. And yes, I asked Google and Itch Forums but I think I have a specific problem.

Here is why:

Windows says it has 536 files and 159 MB (pic is in german, please don't mind). So it's small enough to upload it without problems, I thought...

When I upload it, I get the error: Too many files in zip (1161 > 1000).

Yeah. 536 to 1161. Itch can't count?

Maybe there is another problem, I thought, and tried a new blank test project. Here you can see for yourself it IS working:

Why? Why does it work on a new blank project but not in the original one?

So I mailed the support. First mail was April 4 in 2021. They answered few days later, couldn't find the issue. This was because I deleted the test project unintentionally. So I set up the site again and mailed again. Second mail was April 15. No answer. Third mail May 24.  No answer.  Forth mail in august. Still no answer. Fifth mail in october. No answer. Last mail in april 2022. No answer.

I know the support is busy sometimes and it can be a while until you get an answer. But it's OVER A YEAR now!

So... I am desperate. Anyone with any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

You're welcome!

Don't hesitate to contact me again if you have any questions.

Yes of course! Thanks for asking.

Just download the game, it has an option for german or english. No different version needed, it's all in one. Have fun playing!

Haha klingt so, als hättest du deine Zeit optimal sinnlos verbracht :D

Danke für den netten Kommentar, freut mich wenn es gefallen hat!

No, I did everything the same as always. But thanks anyways, I solved it.

Nevermind. I found it.

I forgot to delete an Ö. Which worked in the previous version perfectly fine. So I overlooked it.

Since it worked in the previous version, the real question is: WHY THE HELL DID IT WORK??????

I will never understand that.

Sorry that I bothered you.

Thank you!

Of course I can upload it:

Really appreciate your help :-)


I updated one of my games to the final version. Now I am trying to get it running directly in the browser.

The weird thing is - the previous version ran perfectly fine in the browser. In the new version I changed NOTHING on the folder structure, element names or such. The changed things are all in-game.

And yet I get an "Archive contains filename with non UTF-8 Encoded characters" error.

Sorry, but I don't understand this at all. Why is the previous version running without any problems?

So I spent the whole day now to change every name of every single data. No space, no äüöß, nothing other than the normal alphabet.

And still the same error.

What is it???

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you so much! I like your video. This really means a lot to me :-)


Playtime: approx. 30-90 minutes

Control: mouse, keyboard, controller

Platform: PC, Windows

Languages: German, English, Tierdeutsch, animal english

Experience the extraordinary story of a couple of outcasts who seek their fortune far away.

Linear story with humorous dialogues and many things to discover.

No previous knowledge is required, even though this is a sequel.

Based on the fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians" by the Brothers Grimm. With slight modifications :)

Five animals that no one wants anymore or even should be killed, set out on a journey into the unknown. The horse that has thwarted the plans of its master's relative, the dog that flees from the dog catcher, the tomcat that is too old to still catch mice, the swift that is too scared to fly and the sea cucumber that should have been eaten by its owners. They all set out on the arduous journey to Bremen to become town musicians and start a new life. What will they experience on this journey? Will they make it?

We meet old acquaintances from the first part - the old horse, who helped to save the turtle at the end, meets the dog Rudi, the tomcat Felix, the swift Bianca and the sea cucumber Seebastian on his journey (except for the sea cucumber, the animals all existed in the first part). What adventures will they have this time?

Download here

Dankeschön :-) Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt.

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Ok, ich glaub, ich weiß was du meinst. Die Aussage ist natürlich richtig, passt aber leider hier nicht ins Spiel. Es ist gewollt, dass das schlechte Ende so endet ^^

Empfehlenswert! Der Humor ist großartig :-)

Thank you for your help :-)

Yes I found the "this is a demo" button :D

And yes I am quite new to itch, so thank you for explaining!

Thank you for your fast answer!

Actually, I have a demo which is free of charge (or pay what you want, respectively). That's why I set the status.

Should I change it to "paid", even if there's a free demo?

It's a whole week now since I published my game:

I read all documents, incl Getting Indexed ect.

I sent an email to the support on saturday.

No answer, and still not indexed. If I search directly for my game, there are no results. If I search for my name, I only find my game from last year.

Any help - and getting indexed by any mod, if this is possible - is highly appreciated.