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The Wizard of Lies!!! *shakesfistinKHAAAANNN*

Anybody running a Disaster/Wing or a Disaster/Peace game I could jump into? UwU

I have a mighty urge to splice both Disaster games into a single campaign in the vein of like... Mobile Suit: Sailor Rangers...

Wonderful,  I'm in

This reads like a LUMEN-illuminated love letter to Final Fantasy VI and VII to me, is there any inspiration there?

I just want to say how much I love this game and I think it would be super fun to play. There is SO much narrative depth to the game mechanics and I urge you to read through it and give it a chance even if it looks and feels a little crunchy. I think it's got a lot of potential!

This is SO GREAT

This is so cute and I love the character creation! I might play around with the mechanics and design some fan-content soon!

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I've just submitted the earliest of drafts for the barest of bones for my game Ex Tenebris Terra, a sort of hybrid social experiment, almost dialectical therapy inspired dungeon-crawler built, obviously, on the Together We Go system! We will be adding guidelines and tables for generating dungeons informed both by the Gardener's current struggles and the examples given in the creator's kit as well as our own version of the Infinopolis, what we're calling the Green Dream, a metaphysical space where the players take the treasures won from their dungeon Delves and plant them in a garden to grow together as people. Luminous Seeds will be able to grow into everything from shops and city districts to more abstract concepts like... healthcare for all, psychological renaissance, or even actualization of Self.

As we continue design and development we want to design the material and its weight with the aim of giving the players freedom with exactly how deep, serious, heavy, and/or meaningful they want the game to be and to stress always that we IN NO WAY intend for our game to serve as a replacement for therapy. That said, we also hope to add in tools and advice that will help allow the game to be, at least to some small extent, a potentially therapeutic experience should the players be interested in taking the game in that direction.

Thanks for the opportunity PlusOneExp, ApesOfWrath, and KeganExe!

I know I heard the origin once, but I cannot remember now for the life of me 🤣

An ashcan is juat kind of the most basic version of a zine/game you can manage to put out that still reads well.

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I would be honored to be involved with my small adventure zine Cavehaven

An Action is defined as anything with an uncertain outcome that requires a Check to resolve. Sometimes even moving may require a Check, such as attempting to leap a chasm in the middle of combat, or navigating a slippery surface. In some of those cases, perhaps a successful Check made for movement on a player's turn will award them a bonus Action to take, such as if a player wishes to make a leaping attack, as merely one example. The gamemaster/storyteller is encouraged to reward clever and daring play and players are encouraged to ask if a successful movement Check might offer them a bonus Action on their Turn.

My itchfunding ttrpg project Cavehaven has been up for 10 days now and we're 25% of the way toward funding the layout and editing for a large portion of this quite rich micro-setting and adventure! Rules light with a simple resolution system, Cavehaven focuses on Goblin characters in a fantasy land with cozy cottagecore/goblincore themes crashing headlong into the slightest bit of eldritch horror. What is going on under the Goblin Village?

Find out by supporting the project!

Community Copies are available while supplies last and are generated by supporting the Sale Bundle! Thanks for reading!

Thanks for all the tips!

Can you explain how to fold it into a pamphlet after printing?

My submission for GilaRPGs' LUMEN Jam, Lotus Eater is a rules-light action RPG that takes place within the Depths of the Oubliette and puts you in control of a Lotus Eater, a powerful lost soul who has lost their memories and finds themselves in service to a delusional Valkyrie.

Breach the Passages.

Steal the Keys.

Seal the Portals.

Lotus Eater is Illuminated by LUMEN,  based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.