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Is it possible to get the new assets separately?

It looks like there is stuff in here that's not in any of the other products.

Specifically this stuff:

  • Tilesets
  • Player (Idle + Walk + Run)
  • Enemies (Idle + attack)
  • Axes (+ smears)
  • Swords (+ smears)
  • Bows 
  • Shields
  • Hammers (+ smears)
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Would it also be possible to include a boat unit and maybe a non sea-monster sea creature as well? (Like a merfolk kind of unit) Your hex tiles have a bunch of ocean tiles, which would fit well with some seafaring graphics, but currently there's only aerial units inside the pack.

I'd be more than willing to buy any future releases, but I hope my request for a single boat for this pack is reasonable enough to be added free of charge. :) (Otherwise how are we going to run into that kraken? :p )

Funny, but doesn't seem to work properly on multi monitor setups (on mac at least)

These and the hex asset packs are perfect for turn based (and some real time) games.

I've personally recreated some of my favourite boardgames in digital format and can't wait to include these assets for the graphical side of things. Great job Steven!

For others hoping to read a review: As far as the assets themselves go, they look good in their own clean consistent cartoony style. Simple and efficient, and looks & feels like proper quality. Definitely worth the price when you compare to some other stuff out there, and fits perfectly with the artist's other work. The modular buildup of the units also means you can animate them if you'd wish using something like spine. Unfortunately the photoshop file in which all the sources were being kept was a bit 'heavy'. (Toggling lagged a bit sometimes)

All in all, 9/10 release.

Reminds me a bit of alone in the dark. Good animations, but still feels very 3d.

I bought this game on Steam, but I noticed the Flowchart doesn't show my selected symbols 90% of the time. Is this a bug? I'm trying to get through all of the possible paths but due to this issue I have to spend a lot more time backtracking to select the 'proper' symbols.

Great assets, but the amount of projectiles feels a bit underwhelming. I wouldn't consider recolors to be actual 'new' projectiles. I'd expect actual different shapes and types like in your newer spaceship pack. (In that sense I'd prefer a single asset with a color palette instead of 6 copies of the same shape with a different color)

But that aside, the assets themselves are good quality, so good job. :)