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Awesome! Thanks a lot for your quick reply :) I managed to claim all 3.

Heya! Great job on all the assets.

I currently own literally every single asset you've added here (and I believe I paid twice for a lot of them lol as it was hard to initially figure out what I did and did not own with all the different 'packs' you've uploaded)

Is there any way I could get access to the Season vol1/2/3 versions to make them easier to manage in my collections / download?

If it's too much hassle, I understand.

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Since they are 2d assets & sounds I would prefer just raw assets, as then it doesn't matter what engine it's for, I can just load a PNG or .wav

That said, in terms of popularity I think Godot / Unity / Unreal are the big 3.

I use KorGE myself which is a Kotlin based framework, and not popular at all haha. (It's very nice, but still relatively young and not used for any big 2d projects)

The pack is nice, but I don't use Unity. I would love if there'd be a 'space shooter' FX pack focused on lasers / projectiles / shields / rockets / etc.

That way I could use it in any other Game Engine without a problem.

These look great! Wish they had an animated version as well though. 

Maybe I'm an idiot, but I couldn't find a mouse sensitivity slider.

It felt like the sensitivity was a bit low, so I'd like to have an option to increase the sensitivity a bit.

It says I need to pay at least $5 even though I tapped the early bird button. :' )

Hope to see more animations / skills in a future update. But already great as is!

As has been mentioned several times in the past, some people have big libraries with tons of products in them, some from huge bundles, others from simply a ton of individual purchases.

Given how much the library can grow over time, it would be great if we could simply apply a search filter to our own library, instead of to a website category. I know you can put everything in a collection, but at some point the collection itself is gonna be cluttered as well, and stops being useful in and of itself to a certain degree. This is my current problem as I have a lot of products in very similar categories.

Right now my makeshift solution is to spam-scroll to the bottom of my 'all purchases' list, then do a CTRL+F / CMD + F to find whatever I think I'm looking for. Which still is a bit more hit & miss since the associated tags might not be reflected in the title of the asset.

It would be great if we could simply apply the same search of the regular website, to only assets that we have purchased. (Or maybe we can already do that, in which case I apologize)

This looks like a perfect fit for skeletal animation. It's definitely worth it as is, but would be even better if there'd be a rigged Spine export of the character. (Or at least an 'exploded' view with limbs separated to make it easier to rig ourselves)

This pack is great, and the author was responsive when the 'full' zip was no longer accessible due to change in pricing.

However, it seems like the full zip is still not 'permanently' accessible for people who purchased it before price change.

If this pack were to be updated, I would have to contact the author again. (Assuming future updates are still supposed to be for free) Not sure if it's Itch's fault, but it's annoying nevertheless.

Looks good! Hope you're gonna expand on these a lot (optionally with paid characters with more anims too!)

Easily in my top 5 sprite character artists on itch.

Although they didn't have any active animations, most enemies did have some form of idle animation.

Argument aside, are you planning on creating any additional 'player' sprites to go with this aesthetic in the future? I know you have the RPG Character Template, but I was curious whether any other expansions or updates are planned.

That would be awesome, the sprites look nice but as static characters they're not as useful as they could be.

I suck as an artist but I'm decent at skeletal animation / touchup work, so separating the limbs would already save me a lot of work to get these in a riggable state. :)

Are the limbs separated? Or are there other measures taken to make it easy to animate these? The sprites look lovely, but as is it seems like they're more for static sprite use. :(

Another great piece of work from the king of lo-fi assets!

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It's been a wild year, hope you don't feel pressured to do anything that you're not ready for yet. :)

As for questions:

I haven't referenced all dragon tier rewards yet, but do all animated battlers have spine resources in at least one dragon pack? Or are there animated ones that are png sequence only too?

I was hoping for it to be easy to either edit existing spine files or even rig up assets myself in the case of some statics. But naturally the less work required the easier it'll get for me.

Keep up the good work!

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For people wondering if this is worth it: It is, every single penny.

Aekashics is one of the most talented and active Battler designers on itch, and especially if you want to be able to create new animations easily, the Dragon tier Spine/Dragonbone source files are a must. There's so much content created every year that these compilation packs simply become a must. Must buy!


That said, if you are reading this aekashics, I have a few comments:

Is it correct that the oldest pack included in this compilation is the July 2017 Second Update Cycle? (One or two months also only seem to have one Update Cycle included) I thought that on the patreon I could see Second Update packs for months before July 2017. Are these not included for a specific reason? If so, where can I get those?

The Minotaur tier seems to include the exact same content every single month as well, would it be an idea to only include it once? Using the dropbox download button causes it to download a whopping 6 gb of files, but most of it is just duplicate content (a whopping 1GB each month)

Nowadays almost everything works with some sort of cloud support. Documents, spreadsheets, code, for almost everything there's a service to store your productive work online.

I'd like to see some form of integration for cloud services in this app as well. I don't expect you to host all of our files, but for example having built-in Google Drive support would be amazing.

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2 years ago reordering collection items was 'planned', I could not find an easy way to do this.

Is this still not possible after 2 years?

The decorative part on the bottom also takes waaay too much space.

Other than that, it looks like the app has potential.

Hi Cyangmou,

You are kind of right, I think personally I would be more interested in side-view characters (platformer / action) and FX, but more expanded paper doll assets would be nice too. Itch kind of lacks high quality character / monster sprites & FX at the moment. That said, don't give my words too much value. I'm doing gamedev as a hobby sometimes next to my regular job, and every once in a while I buy assets that I like and experiment a bit, so I doubt I'm representing your average customer. :')

I did have one question regarding the license: It says that it's for 1 media project, but prototypes are allowed. How are public demos categorized? For example, is a gamejam game a prototype or a game? I guess I'm trying to figure out where the line between a prototype and a real (free) game ends for you.

Hi cyangmou, this pack looks great, as always.

Just wondering, have you ever considered doing  asset packs based on your icons? Your work is detailed enough that most of your icons can be rigged to function as in-game weapons and tools as well, but it would be cool to see some packs dedicated to spicing up your paperdoll asset for example.

Instant buy. :) Now hoping the rest of your assets will also go on sale someday. I'm doing gamedev as a hobby so while I'm collecting huge amounts of assets, I don't actually plan on earning any revenue on any work including them any time soon haha.

Looks great! Is the character animated as well or does he only have that idle animation?

I'll be honest, I'm waiting for you to bundle the paid characters up again to snatch them in a sale, if it ever happens. Great work on all of these though, I think you're one of the best character spriters that's selling their work on itch. Just a shame that most paid ones have relatively limited animation sets, while this one is quite expansive. Though I guess with some magic we could always rig them up in spine and try to add some ourselves.

Anyway, enough ranting. Ten thumbs up for your great work! :)

Pretty good job on most of your packs, including this one. I'm planning on getting the bundle sometime before it runs out.

I do have a few points of 'critique' though, which apply to most of your packs:

  • Idle animations on most characters have the torso 'sliding' up and down the spine, the legs don't move at all.
  • Run animations on most characters have one or two parts of their body 'glued' in place, like the axe guy in this pack runs without moving the axe at all.
  • Same for attack animations (in some cases only one arm is moving while the rest of the body is frozen)
  • All smears and impact streaks are 1 frame, which means they too feel like there's no fluidity or proper follow through to any of the attacks.

Is this an artistic choice or do you not feel comfortable with that level of fluidity and detail yet? It makes me a bit sad because, if the animations for these packs were a bit more fluid and detailed, I think your sets could be one of the best on itch as they are very usable for complete games, have quite a bit of variety and fit well together.

So I do actually like the packs and hope you keep up the good work. :) Hope the criticism doesn't come across as too harsh.

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Is it possible to get the new assets separately?

It looks like there is stuff in here that's not in any of the other products.

Specifically this stuff:

  • Tilesets
  • Player (Idle + Walk + Run)
  • Enemies (Idle + attack)
  • Axes (+ smears)
  • Swords (+ smears)
  • Bows 
  • Shields
  • Hammers (+ smears)
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Would it also be possible to include a boat unit and maybe a non sea-monster sea creature as well? (Like a merfolk kind of unit) Your hex tiles have a bunch of ocean tiles, which would fit well with some seafaring graphics, but currently there's only aerial units inside the pack.

I'd be more than willing to buy any future releases, but I hope my request for a single boat for this pack is reasonable enough to be added free of charge. :) (Otherwise how are we going to run into that kraken? :p )

Funny, but doesn't seem to work properly on multi monitor setups (on mac at least)

These and the hex asset packs are perfect for turn based (and some real time) games.

I've personally recreated some of my favourite boardgames in digital format and can't wait to include these assets for the graphical side of things. Great job Steven!

For others hoping to read a review: As far as the assets themselves go, they look good in their own clean consistent cartoony style. Simple and efficient, and looks & feels like proper quality. Definitely worth the price when you compare to some other stuff out there, and fits perfectly with the artist's other work. The modular buildup of the units also means you can animate them if you'd wish using something like spine. Unfortunately the photoshop file in which all the sources were being kept was a bit 'heavy'. (Toggling lagged a bit sometimes)

All in all, 9/10 release.

Reminds me a bit of alone in the dark. Good animations, but still feels very 3d.

I bought this game on Steam, but I noticed the Flowchart doesn't show my selected symbols 90% of the time. Is this a bug? I'm trying to get through all of the possible paths but due to this issue I have to spend a lot more time backtracking to select the 'proper' symbols.

Great assets, but the amount of projectiles feels a bit underwhelming. I wouldn't consider recolors to be actual 'new' projectiles. I'd expect actual different shapes and types like in your newer spaceship pack. (In that sense I'd prefer a single asset with a color palette instead of 6 copies of the same shape with a different color)

But that aside, the assets themselves are good quality, so good job. :)