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I am thrilled to keep playing this game and I'm sure it will get better. I wish there were more games like these. Keep up the amazing work. I saw some minor punctuation mistakes, but for the rest, till now, nothing that comes to mind. I love it. Keep it up! 

You're welcome and thank you very much for checking it out. I love to not cut any parts when there is such a beautiful song playing in the background. Also the art style is too nice to cut out. I kept it pure gameplay even my fails :) it also demonstrates that some small mistakes can make you have to restart from the checkpoint ;p

I played it a little and it's very relaxing. This game deserves all the support, truly. I also just love the art and the story is quite unique. Keep up the amazing work! Feel free to check out some gameplay, but be warned! There are spoilers and the first puzzles are solved. I left the hard ones out though. That's where I cut the video ;) Because the first ones are quite easy! I've put the kickstarter link in the description as well!

Hello everyone! I enjoyed playing this game and I hope more updates or more features will come out! Usually I'm quite bored playing these types of games, but this ones hit the right spot! I started on easy mode, but I sweated a lot. Keep it up dev, this is awesome. Enjoy the gameplay! 

Hello everyone. Aside form a few very small bugs and glitches this game rocks. The developers are aware of these glitches and bugs and release most of the time big updates. Join their discord to help this game grow, make it better and bug free! It's also a fun way to talk :P That said... Thank you for this great game. I enjoy it a lot and there is a lot to discover, explore, to do in general,... as well! Feel free to check out my gameplay and also make sure to check out their youtube channel. They explain very well the concept of the game. 

Now it works. I just donated an amount. Hopefully more will follow. Good luck!

Would be nice if you could do it here as well... I don't have an account there. :I I think you will have more backers then. Just a suggestion.

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So I just uploaded the video. I cut out some parts and kept mostly the tests. It's a short, but informative video that also demonstrates the gameplay. I hope you enjoy and hopefully this helps you get some funding as well, because I would love to see this game on the market! Ps: I wanted to give you some funding, but I can't seem to find where o,o usually it's mentioned when you download it. Any ideas? Links? Directions? :P

Well... I did. It just had better controls in my opinion. Played all the dark souls .-. I'm not used to play with controller (the first dark souls had a mod for keyboard). I also know it is hard and I know I can kite them as I said before. That's what I did, but trust me, it needs refining. The animation is off and the character you play goes back in time sometimes (Lag out?) don't kow how to explain it. Also if you put some dodge mechanics in it you should make sure that it actually works :) If you put your game to test out on this website, you also need to learn to accept the criticism. Glad you noticed the bugs, that's a start :) anyway like I said... it's awesome for a prototype. Thanks for the explanation though, this might be useful for beginners. Keep up the great work!

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It's awesome, it runs well and I don't have fps issues, sometimes the animation lags out though like a glitch going back in time for a second. The first boss spider bat thing... I ragequited there because I was out of range and he still could hit me. i'm not sure what's up with that boss, but it's almost impossible. I was one hit left and he killed me xD Once that's fixed I'll try again. Or maybe tomorrow i'll try again when i'm actually not tired :) for now it's not for the casuals :P I demand a normal difficulty xD Once it's a bit better, i'll continue to do the video. 

Edit: I killed the first 'boss' turns out it's not a boss at all just a special minion. But after playing I found out I have to go against two of them?! There I stopped again xD It's insane, but you can kite them though. I had the kind of lag out the whole game and I will post the video as soon as possible. Sometimes when I rolled behind a mob, he could still hit me. Also a checkpoint after the first special minion would be nice, because even though I had to go through the door... there was no checkpoint.

Haha yeah, but I just left the mines so i'm not that far yet :3 there are already a few videos out there about your game :) one of them also skipped the spoilers :P they are nice and explain what your game is about. Some even compared it to Doom ;)

Beautiful, I forgot how awesome such games were or.. are :) Youtube video coming up, but I'm ging to make sure that I don't spoil anything because that mine... I laughed my ass off when I found what I had to do... and I didn't find it for minutes... xD

Alright, sure. That makes sense :P Thanks again for the great game and keep it up! 

A really nice game! I had loads of fun. I tried to record this the first time, but my recording failed. Unfortunatly I only realised it at the end... I played this again and completed various achievements that weren't done yet. I like how you have to search a lot! I found 2 glitches though. 1. hearing footsteps in the water when not in the water anymore and 2. Open door keeps clinging on the screen when i'm not close to a door. Feel free to check it out!