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I played it a little and it's very relaxing. This game deserves all the support, truly. I also just love the art and the story is quite unique. Keep up the amazing work! Feel free to check out some gameplay, but be warned! There are spoilers and the first puzzles are solved. I left the hard ones out though. That's where I cut the video ;) Because the first ones are quite easy! I've put the kickstarter link in the description as well!

<3 Haha thank you for the kind words! You are amazing. I also liked the video


You're welcome and thank you very much for checking it out. I love to not cut any parts when there is such a beautiful song playing in the background. Also the art style is too nice to cut out. I kept it pure gameplay even my fails :) it also demonstrates that some small mistakes can make you have to restart from the checkpoint ;p

Thank you man.  that's really ok!