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thanks a lot :)

Thank you ! :D

thank you very much :) i m glad you had a great time. And hopefully you can wait for the full game :)

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really love the idea of the game :D Good job guys. Feels so fresh to me as a platformer lover.

Can't wait to see more of the game

thank you :)

Thank you very much!

thanks a lot :D

Thanks a lot for playing :D You are awesome

Thaank you very very much!

Thanks a lot mean a lot :)

Yep working on it :)

Thank you very much!

If you can support on ks!

Thank you for playing!!

Thanks a lot! We already put it on Discord :)

If you like it please support on Kickstarter

Thanks Dizzy! I really appreciate it :)

Thanks a lot man :) 

haha thanks a lot guys :D

Oh thanks a lot  man :) I watched the video too bad I can't understand the language!

If you can support us on Kickstarter, will help us a lot

thanks a lot aron :)

if you like it please support :) to continue development

thanks a lot


thank you

Thank you sir! Glad ythat you like it

oh ok :D

Thanks a loot man<3

I think we applied 2 years ago

Hmm worked for other...Can you try on Steam?

Ok..we really need to optimize it a lot :)

Thank you man.  that's really ok!

Hmm please try on lower graphics settings and lower resolution. The game is not currently optimize and can have this problem


no problem, I swear too

<3 Haha thank you for the kind words! You are amazing. I also liked the video

I m a happy panda now

Thank you very much :P

o thank you :)

Oh hmm that's my page was only a draft :)

But thanks for your answer.

Hello guys, we just released our game Unbound Worlds Apart 2 days ago here

I was wondering why it's not showing up on the new release games or in search? Did I miss something when I was writing the  gamepage?

Thank you

funny :D