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So I just uploaded the video. I cut out some parts and kept mostly the tests. It's a short, but informative video that also demonstrates the gameplay. I hope you enjoy and hopefully this helps you get some funding as well, because I would love to see this game on the market! Ps: I wanted to give you some funding, but I can't seem to find where o,o usually it's mentioned when you download it. Any ideas? Links? Directions? :P

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Thanks! You can support us here or at

Also walkthrough from the dev

Would be nice if you could do it here as well... I don't have an account there. :I I think you will have more backers then. Just a suggestion.

I've connected the payment. Now if you try to download the game it'll ask if you want to donate or not. I was pretty sure it was all setted up, but turns out it was not. 

Now it works. I just donated an amount. Hopefully more will follow. Good luck!

Thank you very much! This means a lot!