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This looks great!

Really cool! I felt the dread in the atmosphere for sure! Nice job delivering with such minimalist style!


I got chills when I saw that thing behind me, I didn't know I was being followed. Very cool!

I got enough to pay the rent! Yay! Take that, rich dead people!

Outstanding work! Using this in my Jam submission 

Hi Misterm, the game was awfully bugged in the version you downloaded, can you try again? I fixed a loooooooot of issues and put sounds, finally.

Wow! This looks amazing! Can't wait to try it out!

Hi Neco! Thanks for giving it a try!!! Your video already hit 1.000 views! This is so awesome and heartwarming!

Yeah, all limitations where due to the time constraints and for it being my first ever "finished project". The "ending" was done in just a few hours and was mostly untested the time I submitted it for the jam. lol

I appreciate your opinion on it! :) I plan to continue it very soon, so I'll let you know when the next major release hits!

Thank you so much! ♥️ :))

Thank you so much SCREAM CATALOGUE!

I am ecstatic that it was chosen as the best game! Thank you very much to you and all people that played, rated and tested Singing Valley! 🎉

Keep hosting these great jams! :)

Hi, beloved host! Thank you very much for hosting this jam. It was one of the reasons that led me to make my first ever game on my first ever jam! :))

Thank you very much for your kind words, they mean a lot! And I do plan to finish it in a more leisurely pace than the frantic 10 days I had with it during the jam lol

And thank you for your feedback on the UI and for the  bug reports! I really appreciate it and I will definitely take it into account! :))

It's my best hope to do so. I planned a much bigger teaser, but due to time limitations I wasn't able to do it. You had the same problem, right? lol

Anyway, thanks a lot for trying it out and for your feedback!!

Hi pissant!! Thank you very much for trying it out!

And thanks for sharing the bug. The wire hanger has been causing some issues for other people that tested as well. (other issues even, lol) I'll upload bug fix very soon.

The intro being skippable was feature #1 that people asked for, really glad it was of use :)

Thanks again!! :)

This was very well written and very intriguing! I hope you get to finish it soon! I really like choice games.

I would suggest you'd put a music on the background. There are some great record labels, like CryoChamber, that allow you to use one of their songs if your project is non-commercial.

Great stuff, keep it up!

Where do I shoot the huge pile of meat to kill them? They always get me.

I really liked how you handled the map! The animation was smooth and it looked great. You should definitely put in the main menu how to use it. It's left mouse button, for anyone reading this ;)

The file really isn't the right one. Waiting for answer from the devs!! :)

Oh, and also, what is the Baby Mode? It was the same but with no sound, unfortunately.

Hooray for voice acting! Nice job to all the actors!!

I managed to get all discs except two. I did the maze fairly fast, but the ones that involved ramps where too hard to do. I would come very fast and the car would jump to the side and jump off the ramp. If you could fix it, I would love to try it again and know what happened to Jeff.

I'm intrigued. The story seems cool. I'd like to learn more about how the world is changing.

Is that his mom on the wall?

I jumped the first time octopus man (let's call him this way, lol) came and sucked my soul out

However, I didn't understand what clicking the mouse does? The sound effect of octopus man running through the vents felt great! From the get go I knew I wasn't alone. But it was really hard to hear him coming for you!

Wow, this game is HARD!! I couldn't get past 8th wave!

I am a big fan of tower defense games! Nice job!!

This game made me really uncomfortable. So, nice job! :)

I was in awe with how great the menu looked, great job!

The Spectres looked amazing and I found the controlling of the character to be really smooth! Congrats!

Hi HazzManBlam!

It's an entry for the Scream Empire Game Jam that ended this weekend. So I guess you can consider it a teaser. :)

It was originally planned that in this version you'd be able to walk inside the Valley and find out what the hell is going on. But I had to cut the game short to meet the Game Jam's deadline. I'm hoping to finish it in a more leisurely pace now.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and for playing! :)

Can't wait to try this out! Amazing stuff!!!