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can you describe what happens?

25% rollout for the 2nd version :)

Now it has keyboard controls - WASD and arrows

You can unlock all the levels from the side menu, in case you have trouble saving or want to skip ahead


Mr Line now communicates with the player with emoticons - here he is expressing confusion

This is a pretty uncomplicated arcade / action style game.  You have to dodge the red things to reach the goal.

Inspired by the World's Hardest Game and Sonic. It has curved sections that you can zoom around.

Updated art style - hopefully more unified colours

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Seeking opinions about this style.

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Experimenting with art styles

Does the rounded head look better than pixel art head?

Don't know which background looks best

Added 'stars' to the background. They fade in and out, currently the only animated thing in the game

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Play it here:

Hello, I'm making a game and this is my progress.

The game is a puzzle about drawing a line. The goal will be to fill the available space with the line, but I'm going to add tons of obstacles/mechanics to spice it up.

Thanks a ton to everyone who has played so far!

Just FYI: the name of this game might change soon, and so the link might be different. Just remember 'zblip' to find it :)


thanks keser!

actually yes, working on a mobile version :) just wanted to test out the game here first

They should be there. Can you see level 160?

This level isn't published yet, but much of the game is playable here:

Thanks :) Very soon there will be more!

Thanks! The random levels will be removed soon and replaced with premade challenge levels


Click menu > 'new game' and it just goes straight to the big level :) should put a skip tutorial button in...

Hi there. You can change the controls to right/left click :)

thanks, glad you like it!

Hey there. Future updates (soon) will introduce the heart properly, with more levels

Really lovely intro! Wasn't sure what to do afterwards though, but the intro was a good hook

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So this is a logic puzzle game inspired by classic minesweeper, currently with 16 levels, plus a random mode.

The idea is that it's like minesweeper, but with a variety of hint types, such as an 'eye' hint that tells you how many mines are in that row and column.

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