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Congratulations, you are the secondary winner. Can you tell us where we can contact you?

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Congratulations, you won! Can you tell us where we can contact you?

Hello everyone reading the comments, today is your lucky day.

As a Halloween gift to you, we are giving away one free copy of the game to one of the replies on this comment.

Good luck


Can you tell me more about the error you are encountering?

Best regards

Sure, we can work on a patch for that

Hey haagch,

the game is not tested for vr on linux. I was tested with an Oculus Rift on a Windows 10 machine. Maybe we can reprocude the error there aswell. Is it playable if you use the mouse to navigate the menu. Also Vr controllers are sadly not supported. We want to inprove this in the future.

Best regards

Sure, go ahead! I'd love that. If you want me to, I can put your video on the game page.

Thank you for the review, glad you liked it.

Hey LordSaber,

Thank you for reporting the bug. We'll try to find a permanent fix for this. In the meantime you can try these steps:

1. Go to the While waiting data folder and search for "dxgi.dll". If you can find it, delete it.

2. Go to your system32 folder and get the "dxgi.dll" file from there to paste it as an replacement for the other one in the game folder.

3. If the replacement did not work, rename the file to d3d11.dll

Hey Darkside008, you do not have to use a vr headset. It works for pc as well. Headset is tested though.

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Hey Jack, thank you for playing and for the review. We hope to improve regarding the replay value.

Best regards

Thank you a lot for playing, we'll check it out!

We are looking for enthusiastic people who have free time to try out a beta version of our upcoming game "While Waiting".

We need you to:

- help us to find bugs and irregularities within the gameplay

- make suggestions what to add or remove

- give us a few details about their experience regarding playtime and overall mood

Message me on discord: Zatt#0560

Hi, unfortunately not looking for writers anymore. If you want to help out with something else, hit me up.

Hey, these sound amazing. Would you be interested in composing a short theme for our current project?

You can contact me on discord: Zatt#0560 or via email and I can provide you with more info on it.

First, nice aesthetics.  Second, while it is pretty casual I see the potential in it. A few small things to improve from my point of view would be to reset the force on the ball once you restart the level and redesign the User Interface to be more minimalistic.

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Recently I started working on a small game project which should be finished in a month or so.

When I started, I had a main game concept or story in my mind but I soon realized that creativity in form of story or narrative writing has never been my strength. So I am looking for someone to help me out with writing or just get their idea into the game and improve the game story. Just message me on discord or below this post, and we can discuss everything in more detail.

If you want to contribute to the project but in another way, just message me as well.  :D

Discord: Zatt#0560

Financial: The game will be released as a pay what you want, revenue share is possible.

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Due to the time constraints of the gamejam i was not able to add this features. I have to think about working on it a second time , and if , i'll be happy to implement this stuff.

> Zatt

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Thanks for the Help, it will definitely help to improove it. Due to the time constraints of this Gamjam i wasnt able to do something like healthbars.



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Where is the half Guy who has worked at your Game :)