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sorry, completely abandoned.

That walking animation... Just take my five stars already.

Nice concept by the way.


It's actually desired for the background to be blurry.

I liked the player's animation! The gameplay with the sword was nice too!

Very cool, I liked it!

Hi guys, Nuclear Platypus Adventure is finally out!

It's a game I've been working on for a year, in which you play as a platypus.
He has to defeat the takeover of Russia by strange animals by traveling around the world!
Here's the trailer and the link if you're interested!

Thanks for the review!

I'll consider making some changes to the game, you're absolutely right and when I think about it I made obvious mistakes.

Looking forward to the next Jam!

Thanks for the comment, you need credits to buy upgrades! I'll change things in the post Jam version.

Great game! It has nice artwork and pleasant movement, I loved it!

Nice game and music! I liked the UFO's UI a lot!

Nice! I really liked the second stage Boss and the feeling at the first part of the final level. It has a lot of interesting concepts, also adding checkpoints would be a good idea.

Awesome! It really gave me the chills... I love the concept, well done!

I like it!

I like the art style and the shooting mecanism! Did you make it from raw code?

Well it's supposed to show a message but it doesn't, I'll try to fix it tomorrow

Very nice animations! Too bad I'm alone to play it x)

Thank you! Well now it's better, I think all the bugs are gone.

Sorry for that!

Thanks! Each bug you reported will be patched tonight, the game wasn't finished x)

Yes it is, congrats for guessing it x)

Too bad it has a lot of bugs, tonight it'll be more polished

So hard but so cool! The visuals are really great!

Very interesting!

Awesome! It has a simple gameplay but discovering new monsters is so fun! I loved the art too.

Pretty hard but I loved the art style! The animations are really well done!

Great concept!

Interesting gameplay! I liked the particle effects and the sounds!

Nice graphics with the lights and stuff, I really enjoyed it!

Very nice game! I liked the sounds and the music!

Nice! The music was cool and I loved the fact that you can destroy the buildings that way!

That's actually deep

Short but nice, the ending was surely special but I liked it x)

Thank you, I'll watch it right now :D

Nice game but it contains water...

Very cool art!

Nice art and voice acting x)

Nice pirates, too bad you didn't eat cookies ;-;

I liked it, the airship was well modelised!

Nice game, I liked the concept :D

Nice game with a nice music, I liked the movement!

It may take some time to load, just wait x)