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That's actually deep

Short but nice, the ending was surely special but I liked it x)

Thank you, I'll watch it right now :D

Nice game but it contains water...

Very cool art!

Nice art and voice acting x)

Nice pirates, too bad you didn't eat cookies ;-;

I liked it, the airship was well modelised!

Nice game, I liked the concept :D

Nice game with a nice music, I liked the movement!

It may take some time to load, just wait x)

The game isn't launching?

There is one, it's the Octo Mode

What's PVB? Anyway if it was made with another engine that can edit images I would but it isn't...

Fun, simple and fast, I like it :D

Ever heard of France?

Funny Game, nice particle effects :D

Nice little Game, I liked that idea of using the background as a Level :D

You should play again, now everything should be working :D

You should play again, now everything is better :D

Nice Pixel- Art :D

Loved it :D

Thanks :D Yeah, the ScreenShots spoil almost all the Game x)

This time it's way better, love the Pixel-Art :D

Thanks :D

Very nice Art :D

Nice Art, maybe the Camera was a little bit bad x)

Simple, beautiful and nice, I liked it x)

Loved the Art Style, nice Game :D

I'll try to make a Hard Mode in a next version, maybe x)

Thanks for the little review ^^ Hmm, you're not supposed to fight the same Character as you... And the other bug, so much people reported it x) I'll try to patch them then :D

So simple but so nice! :D

Love the OST


Pretty nice GamePlay, I liked it! :D

Sorry, I just made an executable version if you can't play it ^^'

Awesome Game, I had sooo much fun playing it with friends! :D

Glad you enjoyed it, and I totally agree with your opinion on Bouncy Sky x)

Thanks, glad you liked it ^^

Thanks for the review! ^^ Oh yeah Bouncy Sky is hard but possible, you actually have to be in the exact corner to make the jump longer, but anyway I agree it's one of the hardests x)

- Well the Web Version is actually the same as the Executable one, I don't know if it's actually a bug or not...

- The music is 1:41 long, I could've made a loop but the time restrained me to do that.

- It's a collision bug, I noticed that in the developpement because the hitbox is rectangular to make it more "Game Boyish", but I also noticed that you couldn't jump into the bouncy things... So I changed it a bit x)

- This one is a glitch that I tried but didn't correct, since the ladders are adding 5 to Y, you can get stuck in some ceilings sometimes... And actually that's a great glitch for speedrunners (If there is only one...?) because you can litterally pass a Level if you go a little bit up. :P