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Hi, I know it supports a CD32 controller but it's my wired XBox360 controller I've attached to my PC it doesn't seem to recognise at all. It basically keeps giving me a message saying it needs config for the XBox360 controller.

Using FS-UAE it keeps telling me "CD32: XBox360" needs to be configured, even when I select it from the controllers through F12. Is it missing a config file?

Runs really nicely in an emulated A600. A couple of bugs I spotted: the highscore table entry doesn't have a "Z", and the disk drive keeps spinning (you can turn the disk sound off on an emulator but I assume this would be irritating on the real thing)

Works lovely from "CD" on my desktop. I do think that if someone's using the CD32 controller (or emulated equivalent ;) ) then up-for-jump should be disabled. It's annoying when you accidentally "tap" up on an XBox controller and jump into a baddie. Some people might want to play with a trad joystick as well, so maybe give people the option?

Great to see this!

Couple of observations/bugs:

I think in the original Wally gradually lost "milk" as time ticked by. That doesn't seem to happen here (which may be an improviement)

Objects reliant on something else to collect them (e.g. the crash helmet) are initially replaced by the substituted item but then the graphic changes back to the original item.

The "venus fly trap" monsters either side of the jerry can can be jumped over successfully only losing some milk energy. I'm sure in the original game they immediately sapped all your energy if you touched them.

Now do Herbert's Dummy Run!

BloodbornePSX community · Created a new topic Enemy AI


No idea if this is true to the original game, but I notice that some enemies if not facing you won't notice you battling another enemy literally a few (in-game) feet away. Are they supposed to be like this?

Love the game, please add some more bits of the original :)

Absolutely love the visuals in this, I really hope you make more games with the same engine and general "feel"

It's brilliant, as we all knew it was going to be :)

A couple of bugs/issues I've noticed:

1. Thumbstick not recognised on standard XBox controller (needs this, with deadzone obviously, the d-pad isn't ideal)

2. character sprite peeks-through the barrel "doorways" when they walk up close to them

Fantastic work again :)

Woohoo! C'est arrive! \o/

Error message is the standard "Unfortunately, Omeganaut has stopped" one. I'm pretty sure it's always a few seconds into the game that it crashes.

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Just tried it, still crashes out I'm afraid.
Device is a Lenovo TB-X103F; running Android 6.0.1

Love this game and the Windows version works excellently. However, when I try and play it on my Android tablet it starts and then crashes out a few seconds into the game. Any ideas?

A high-score table would also be really nice :D

Had a wee shot and...

Pros: Visually it looks terrific, and Commando on the moon with weapon pickups? Ho, yus!

Cons: too few enemies, and the ones we have are bullet sponges that are dull to fight. Have more enemies, that need fewer bullets to kill. Make it more like, well, Commando

Keep at it - from small acorns! <3

This is lovely, only two suggestions I can think of :-

Option to have SFX only ("rattle-ker-chunk, rattle-ker-chunk, rattle-ker-chunk")?

Some way of game-ifying things more? A final score based on stop-rating, time taken, signals correctly passed?

Just had a shot of the latest build and so glad to see this excellent indie maturing and improving. A couple of suggestions:

I attacked a gang of outlaws and one of them was killed running into their own camp fire! Whilst this was funny (and you may want to retain for that reason), some improved AI might help. On the other hand - maybe give Outlaws/NPCs differing IQs with the dim ones doing stupid stuff like that.

Something that occurred to me when reading a review of Lost Dutchman Mine (one of this game's influences, if I remember correctly) - the cost of items is way off for 19th century United States - $5 for a pack of matches? It's a minor thing, but might want to consider a money system closer to the historical one.

Keep it up! This is going to be great when it finally leaves Alpha

I don't fancy denying someone else their preferred config just to get mine back, maybe give players an option to have control of the helicopter on one thumbstick (left) as before or the new method using two thumbsticks? :)

Love this!

Only problem I'm having is with XBox controller - I can't define commands to the thumbsticks. In an earlier build this wasn't too much problem as the up/down/left/right was also mapped to the left stick but now it's split the left/right and up/down between the two thumbsticks which I'm a lot less keen on.

Playing it again, it seems that when you quit to the menu then continue the saved game, it changes from three biomes to four, so the issue seems to be with loading saved games.

Ah, okay. Hopefully that'll get ironed out in a future update (I know it's still in development). Am enjoying the game a lot, so can live with re-starting the map. :)

Thanks! :D

I've hit another stumbling block - on the "mountain" stage (the third one) I can't seem to raise the biomes percentage over 29% (40% is needed to advance) even though they're clearly covering over half the map and all three biomes I can build have a tick on their creators.

Really enjoying this game, it's a twist on the usual "city-building" simulator and creating a landscape is really satisfying.

A couple of queries: I noticed that the waterways dry-up when the pumps are recycled which seems a shame and surely impacts on delivery and transport of the recycled equipment to the rocketship. Is there any way to prevent this?

Really enjoyed playing this, top egg

Feels lovely and smooth to play. Some of the explosions could do with being beefed-up, tho (e.g. the player ship and those big dudes near the start). And, yeah, an autofire option would be nice ;)

Quite enjoying this but I've noticed some (possible) bugs: you can't go back to a screen previously visited; after losing a life, Ratty sometimes starts at a different part of the screen than he actually entered from; the animated arrows and "whiff" from the cheese remains when the object is picked up

Love the graphic style, btw. Amazing how few platformers use 8x8 sprite sizes

Terrific port. Given the importance music plays in the game's plot, though, it'd be nice to have a version with AY music...

Just bought this and like it already! But... needs moar display options, specifically needs to be friendlier to lower resolutions (I have to use 1366x768 since my old 1080p monitor went wonky), options to fullscreen the display, and option to turn off the scanlines.

At last, a game for those of us who thought Ultimate needed to be a touch more Mexican! This is far too good to be free!

Just one thing: what do the bonus items and fruits actually *do*?

Even under CPU control they fight a bit better than in the original game as well which is, of course, a good thing.

Just had a couple of shots of this and like it a lot. Only things I have a problem with so far are 1) - no visual/audio feedback when a bad guy gets killed (I want do see Ninja and Green Sumo Bloke go splat!) and 2) the continues seem a bit... pointless (no pun intended).

Lovely presentation, too.

This is really really good, very "MSX" feel for some reason. Nice to see some of the problems with the original (like the stupid fall-damage) fixed making the game play better.

Bug report: my "Key 1" seemed to vanish after I picked it up on Screen 12 meaning I couldn't open its door.

Also: I miss the portholes, they were an important part of the atmosphere for me in the original.

Managed to complete this! I hardly ever complete games. Lovely.

Been playing Lost Dutchman Mine on emulated Amiga recently and was wondering what a modern spiritual successor could be like. Never imagined big old robots being in it, though.

This is coming along really nicely, guys.


This is a splendid wee game. And thanks to the Brexit Effect on the pound, almost as much in Stirling as it is in US currency!

Gorgeous wee game, and so good to see it being well-maintained.

Any danger of a "select the option and press fire" alternative version for those who play on emulators via joypad/virtual pad?