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Just bought this and like it already! But... needs moar display options, specifically needs to be friendlier to lower resolutions (I have to use 1366x768 since my old 1080p monitor went wonky), options to fullscreen the display, and option to turn off the scanlines.

At last, a game for those of us who thought Ultimate needed to be a touch more Mexican! This is far too good to be free!

Just one thing: what do the bonus items and fruits actually *do*?

Even under CPU control they fight a bit better than in the original game as well which is, of course, a good thing.

Just had a couple of shots of this and like it a lot. Only things I have a problem with so far are 1) - no visual/audio feedback when a bad guy gets killed (I want do see Ninja and Green Sumo Bloke go splat!) and 2) the continues seem a bit... pointless (no pun intended).

Lovely presentation, too.

This is really really good, very "MSX" feel for some reason. Nice to see some of the problems with the original (like the stupid fall-damage) fixed making the game play better.

Bug report: my "Key 1" seemed to vanish after I picked it up on Screen 12 meaning I couldn't open its door.

Also: I miss the portholes, they were an important part of the atmosphere for me in the original.

Managed to complete this! I hardly ever complete games. Lovely.

Been playing Lost Dutchman Mine on emulated Amiga recently and was wondering what a modern spiritual successor could be like. Never imagined big old robots being in it, though.

This is coming along really nicely, guys.


This is a splendid wee game. And thanks to the Brexit Effect on the pound, almost as much in Stirling as it is in US currency!

Gorgeous wee game, and so good to see it being well-maintained.

Any danger of a "select the option and press fire" alternative version for those who play on emulators via joypad/virtual pad?