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Had a wee shot and...

Pros: Visually it looks terrific, and Commando on the moon with weapon pickups? Ho, yus!

Cons: too few enemies, and the ones we have are bullet sponges that are dull to fight. Have more enemies, that need fewer bullets to kill. Make it more like, well, Commando

Keep at it - from small acorns! <3

We have to be very careful not to stuff a lot of enemy into one place. On this platform (sadly) it can cause performance issues! In Commando the enemies were very "simple"-minded without any minimalist AI, the movement of the player was faster, not a lot of feature (or guns) but overall enjoyable!

Imagine if a game staged on the moon is runing on the same rate. It will probably kill the atmosphere. (Not the Moons atmosphere.) :) I loved games like Commando or Alien Breed or Chaos Engine but each one of them had a unique approach of gameplay. 

In our case: "THIS IS THE WAY"

Probably the biggest feature of the game is, that it will contain a level editor and the full source code. I encourage everyone who want to make a little shooter game (for the amiga) that you can try it out. If you want you can add more enemies, change the gfx to a medieval environment (or the characters, weapons, sfx, ...) and hopefully share it with others.

In addition, the minimal AI is necessary because of the 8 directions and the terrain. Commando is good but scrolls in one direction. Enemies do not follow you or watch collision of each other. The 8 direction of control over 3 enemies results a visible slowdown on a stock machine (as we have tried to prepare the engine for many things). Enemie features:
-follow (up to shooting distance or punch distance)
-saves his position (if I go back you will be there)
-watches the terrain, trying to avoid objects/walls
-surround you instead of settling in one place / line up in row
-looks for a new position if he missing the shoot
-walk away or escapes if hit by bullet.
-have the ability to hit, shoot, throw grenades, some can even summon help ;)
-terrain can also be destroyed by the enemy
-the two camps can shoot each other.
-NPC follows you/ helps as above

...and all that is just for the emenies, but there are other items, sound/music, bullets, anims, HUD, Camera, player, npc, weapons, MAP and and try to handle 255 MAPevent in every single frame for the player and for the enemies and still remain at playabe speed.
A stock amiga is not a power plant and all that we program in BASIC... what we learn almost as we write.