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A topic by Jacys created Jan 29, 2019 Views: 134 Replies: 4
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Hey what is a roguelike without the community? If you have an idea that you think is just perfect, post it in here and it might end up in the game!

Just bought this and like it already! But... needs moar display options, specifically needs to be friendlier to lower resolutions (I have to use 1366x768 since my old 1080p monitor went wonky), options to fullscreen the display, and option to turn off the scanlines.


Hey Zagrebista, just posted update 1.1 on Itch (and on Steam in a few hours), has some fullscreen support and scanline toggling! Hope it works for your monitor (the fullscreen should auto-detect)


Hey Zagrebista!

I agree with you about this! Adding a fullscreen mode is a priority for me but have had some problems with it that I'm trying to fix.

Turning off scanlines is a great idea too!

Thanks so much for buying the game and messaging, it's so great getting feedback!


I am also planning on updating the game over loop, so it doesn't automatically return to the opening menu on restart, and makes that process smoother.