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I usually make everything myself but I am realizing this is becoming too time consuming. So I am looking for another serious individual. I can't pay for work anymore sorry. I am looking for a possible art & blender partner to make a game published to Steam eventually. Me (the programmer, good hard worker) and possibly you. I have published to Steam before. Sorry I am very picky with choosing blender but I have my reasons. Thank you for your time.

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The dialogue with characters was very cool. As a player, I didn't feel like I could do much. The goals are shown when hitting escape, or pause I think? I was confused at first what needed to happen. I was able to easily take down the castle. I assume you'll be adding multiple levels. I saw some problems with animations but I don't think that's a deal breaker. I was very surprised by the dialogue with characters. You had them say some awesome stuff and that really shocked me.