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Thanks! Yeah, there is a lot more that could be done with the idea for sure!

Thank you!

Thank you! I agree that the controls need some work or at least some fine tuning. I have no excuse but the typical one: we ran out of time. :D

Thank you so much!

Super nice game feel and an interesting interpretation of the theme!

Ooooh, thank you!

Yep, you got it!
Thank you! We mainly used the dark art of being many artists on the team. :B
Although let me know if you have a specific workflow question! I'm sure any one of us would be happy to answer in more detail.

Interesting concept! I had a few very tense moments there when I had to wait for a ship to pass and then hope the next controls would be useful. Great entry!

This game made me laugh so hard! Love it!

Such a beautiful game and it felt really polished! Great entry!

This is super fun! Gotta love that laser gun!

Took me a bit to figure out the controls but then it was quite fun!

Thanks! I really enjoyed your game, too. I've never seen that mechanic before!

Thanks! Yeah, we were mostly 3D artists on the team, so this was actually easier for us than a 2D game. :]

Thank you! 

Thank you!

This is so cute! A really fun concept and plays really well!

Thank you!

This is so much fun! We had a similar idea, but your execution on the sneeze is clearly superior! :D

Very neat concept! And I love the artwork. So cute!

Fun to play and the artwork is super cute!

I love the art style and the controls felt really great! Once I figured out I had to hit space to interact (it says "E" in the game) it was a smooth playthrough. Loved it!

This was fun and very cute! An interesting take on the concept. I had some upgrade regrets that last round! xD

Ah, got it! I didn't realize you could interact with the flowers.

Really smooth gameplay, I enjoyed it a lot! I couldn't really figure out the inverse aim, but otherwise it was great fun!

Thank you so much! Your game was a lot of fun, too! Especially once I got into the flow with that jump.

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This is a fun little game! I cleared level 2 and the boss but can't figure out level 1 for some reason ... I just can't get out of the middle part.

Very fun puzzle game!

It took me a bit to figure out you had to use the mouse. Maybe add that info to the game itself in a future build? Or consider adding it to the "How does your game fit the theme?" for now for those of us who download directly from the submissions page without checking the game page. :D

Fun concept and gameplay! Very cute! :)

Thank you!


The smoke is a knockback on purpose because it makes the dragon sneeze. But I agree that we didn't make this very clear. I've edited the game description page to include that! Thanks for pointing it out! :D
We'll add the info to the game itself too after the judgement period.

Very fun interpretation of the theme and great execution!

Truly beautiful artwork and a neat concept! The controls take a bit of getting used to, but I guess that's the whole point! :)

This is a super fun concept! I have to admit I had some trouble with the controls, but I guess that's the point. :D

This is a super fun game! Very nice artwork, too! :]

Thanks from the art department, too! We really apprechiate your feedback. :D

You're right, it all looks kind of same-y right now because there are only a very few assets. We'll work on creating more visual interest as development goes on. :)

A huge thank you from the art department, too! That's an awesome video! :D

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Thanks for playing! And for making a video with your feedback! So cool! We really appreciate it. :D

That staff on your back will be used for combat later on. We're working on a combat system based on the Time Shimmer ability right now.

Later on you'll be able to flood the canyon, so there will be swimming and diving, too.

Maybe you can check it out again a little bit further down the road. :)