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Gosh, I thought they said they learned from MDSOA and so I defended them. But when updates stop coming with no explanation, I just can't. You can't get forgiveness if you never ask for it. If you don't ask for it, you must not want it. That's a big dismissal of everyone who's supported them throughout delays that are common to indie companies. I guess we're a bit worthless, aren't we?

Maybe they will attract enough fans via the fame of BTS, keep them with their writing, and then hire a project manager. The talent is undeniably there, but the management and courtesy to fans is untenably lacking. I truly wish them luck, I truly want them to succeed, but once they take someone's money they have to at least TRY to stop behaving worse than tons of amateur developers out there.

I appreciated the lengthy demo. I normally avoid BL stuff because they so often transcribe tropey gender roles in the worst, most over the top ways...and it just makes me angry lol.

With good writing, I don't care what gender the MC is as long as I can imagine the characters living and breathing.  I had enough confidence to buy the full game after playing the demo. 

Yes, that is the one I speak of! Thank you for caring! >//< I do enjoy the affect, it was thoughtful of you to put in for immersion. If it is repeated too often at one time it can become harmful though.  Please keep it in mind for future games! I asked my friend to read the screens I could not. It was embarassing but worth it! hehe. Of course I'd prefer to read your words with my own eyes!  I did finish Mitra's route and it was super cute and a little epic! It helped me be excited for the other routes. Good job :D 

Oh! And thanks for making the characters shake when they laugh loudly. It helped me to laugh out loud too, otherwise I would have just smiled. ^-^

Sadly this game is very difficult for me to play because there is no way to turn off the flashing background images. The flashing backgrounds are very bad for people with epilepsy and other neurological conditions. Can you add an option in the settings to turn off the background flashes? Or, please limit them to 3-4 flashes instead of having them last 10-15 clicks. That way I can read your VN without becoming physically ill. What I've managed is very good so far. :)

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What's love like when it's not developed during an inherent power imbalance?!?! *pokes it* Don't get me wrong, we all have differences and a large part of attractions, in friends and otherwise, lies among people who compliment us and make up for our weaknesses right? It's a natural evolutionary phenomenon among social mammals. BUT. BUT. BUT. It's so often used as a cliche, immediate plot hook at best and character gilding at worst (the ez way to make them attractive is?!)... I'm looking forward to reading Aurelia's stories. Because she is so badass, the aforementioned affects can be a lot more subtle, and therefore believable. Neat. 

Edited to add: I picked up that l'il bit of foreshadow in Hikaru's epilogue. Hee hee.

Everyone has already said what I like most about the writing of this game, so please do me a favor and pass my appreciation along to whoever composed the music! Great writing and great art don't become great visual novels until great music is added too.  So...great! lolol

That's great news!  I find a common route with branches based on choices to be more immersive.  Looking forward to it.

Will all routes be released at once for this VN or will they be staggered like in the first game?