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This is going to be so interesting!

A topic by Yukiko created Jul 12, 2017 Views: 131
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What's love like when it's not developed during an inherent power imbalance?!?! *pokes it* Don't get me wrong, we all have differences and a large part of attractions, in friends and otherwise, lies among people who compliment us and make up for our weaknesses right? It's a natural evolutionary phenomenon among social mammals. BUT. BUT. BUT. It's so often used as a cliche, immediate plot hook at best and character gilding at worst (the ez way to make them attractive is?!)... I'm looking forward to reading Aurelia's stories. Because she is so badass, the aforementioned affects can be a lot more subtle, and therefore believable. Neat. 

Edited to add: I picked up that l'il bit of foreshadow in Hikaru's epilogue. Hee hee.