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Acabei de Zerar o jogo de vocês, ficou muito divertido. Fiquei um pouco confuso sobre o que eu podia fazer em cada forma mas no final ficou bem massa. A ultima fase eu demorei um tempinho até conseguir pegar o ultimo orb laranja. Muito Bom

The game is very fun and challenging! Great job

Thank you for the feedback. Nice job on making it to 50, my PB was around 15 but then today I found a new strat, which made my PB skyrocket to 100

Very cool concept, I really like this idea of making 2 levels (2 dimensions) that must work together to finish a puzzle, the puzzles were well designed and very nice to work through, 2 things that stood out to me though were: The music loop was a bit too short, so it repeated a lot during my gameplay, and sometimes you could “softlock” a puzzle if the box fell on the ground. Another nice touch that could be added are visual hints for where things are in the other dimension so you could line up better where you’d switch. Overall very good game, great job

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So, the move and slide function has this signature:

move_and_slide_with_snap ( Vector2 linear_velocity, Vector2 snap, Vector2 up_direction=Vector2( 0, 0 ), bool stop_on_slope=false, int max_slides=4, float floor_max_angle=0.785398, bool infinite_inertia=true )

What you basically need to do is set the “stop_on_slope” to be equal true, the max angle is in radians and the default value is 45º. if it still messes up with the jump, I’d say you are better off making your own “is_on_floor” function using maybe another area2d and/or raycast2d (if you do use raycast2d remember that they are not enabled by default) to generate it, then you can tweak them to have the desired result (if you only want to enable jump if the floor is rotated less than some deegree). The area can detect if there is ground below the player and the raycast can detect the angle of the ground (the normal vector of the collision)

This game is very cool, from the concept to the level design itself, (honestly it could have been a little longer). I really like the graphical style it’s really cute, and I really like the mechanic design (one specific highlight for me was the level where you were trapped and could only bark). Are you thinking about working on this game post jam? I feel like it has a lot of potential. My only criticism is that the sound was too loud and there was no volume slider to control it

The game and idea are good but I felt the gameplay lacked a bit, when playing none of my turrets shot at the enemies and I felt I had way to few bullets. The overall game was good and it has potential, with some tweaks to the AI and balancing it could get better.

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This game is very simple (in a good way) and very good, easy to pick up and play. the only complaints I have are with angled platforms, sometimes you cannot jump when the floor is at an angle and the character constantly slides (even if the rotation is minimal). Another thing that took me some getting used to were the jumps, but I couldn’t tell why it felt different to other jump mechanics

The sound was not stealing the show but was enough to give an ambience taht complemented the game. Great Job

First of all, I really liked the blend between 2D and 3D graphics for the character and background. The Graphics in general are pretty good and the sound fits nicelly within the game. The gameplay felt for me a little too simple but served the game well. Good job

Thank you for your feedback. We took note that many people wanted a tutorial and we’ll probably add one post jam (along with more advanced audio and simulation mode)

Very cool game, also nice choice for the 0x72 assets (I used it too in my game so instantly recognized it). The gameplay was very cool and the combat felt satisfying. I got 11 rooms before dying. The “custom” spells were very cool too (the purple one that orbits the character was my favorite one). The only critiscim I have is that some of the music transitions were a bit too sudden, but overall great game. Great Job

I played the windows version

The ambience and the City are pretty well made, also nice job on the pedestrians. The controls feel too slippery, maybe it could be toned town a little. Another thing is that the camera sometimes doesn’t allow you to see the car directly (like a camera boom), but great job

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play it. It was lacking the data folder

Very interesting concept and I could see a full length game built upon these types of puzzles. I also enjoyed the “troll” of switching controls in the last level. The car and background graphics felt a litte disconnected. I felt lack of a background music but the overall game was fun, Great job

I tried playing the game but I couldn’t add any weapon from the store to my load out (the sword that costs 0 points), besides that the movement felt a little too floaty and slidy

I tried playing the game but I couldn’t figure out the controls, making it hard when got to the second screen, also another bit of feedback is that the volume of the music in the second screen was way louder then in the first screen

Cool game, it fits very well with the theme. The only problem I had was aiming, which I had to aim with a small offset from vehicles if they were too close to me

First of all, I really liked the idea of upgrades applying to enemies too, I don’t recall ever seeing a game that has this mechanic. I found the game pace to be a bit slower than expected, I thought the game would get more chaotic early on. One thing I found lacking tho was music, I believe music plays a great part in making the arena feel more alive. But overall Great Job!

For sure, Simulation mode and more advanced audio are already confirmed for a Post Jam update

The game is very cool and I had fun playing it. At first I didn’t know where would the chaos would come from but the first tables taught me otherwise, I tried cheating in the first part by riding a table all the way to the inverted gravity section and it almost worked. Also I found the lighting to be gorgeous during the level. Great job

Thank you so much for the feedback. For the combats we had planned a “simulation mode” (not unlike Fifa) in which the combat would be automatic, but we couldn’t finish it in time so it was left out of the game.

Welcome all to the 2020 Halloween Game Jam,

Need to know anything about the Jam? contact me on twitter @yrk006

Searching for a group? post a message on the forum to gather more members

Thank you. I did my best to make each of them on time :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks for your feedback :)

Very Nice Graphics and Soundtrack. I Liked the way that the story was brought to today life standards. it was a bit short but I Liked it

Very nice game. It feels very arcadier. The soundtrack fits the game very well and I liked the animations of the pumpkins getting off the ground

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Hello,  just a question, when importing this assets in Unreal, the materials seems  brighter than in the pictures, is this normal or is there a configuration I'm missing? (this also happens in the Modular temple and in the Modular Terrain for me)

I checked  the .mtl file and the Kd matches with the RGB in the Unreal Materials

here's a picture for comparison

Thanks in Advance