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This was a well-executed, super fun clicker with a ton of great Giant Bomb touches! The power-up selection made me chuckle, and I loved the LucasArts, SCUMM-era pixel art of the portraits and sprites!

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised by this entry after checking out your twitter and realising you're actually a professional pixel artist in the industry, but... even taking that into account, this is still pretty incredible, especially for a week.

It controls well, it plays well, it looks gorgeous, it's full of loving Giant Bomb references, and the soundtrack is great (and don't even get me started on that final battle!). I especially liked the slide invulnerability frames, which made the otherwise pretty hard single player much more accessible.

The whole thing is just a smart mix of Contra/Metal Slug and I would legitimately pay for a full-length version of a game built on this same framework. Well done!

"This isn't going to go the way you think it is." All I can say is that I really hope more people play this one! I'm not sure, but I think I finished it? Good job!

Good use of Unity's presentation! Abby's "I'm a millennial!" and "I was born in 2010" cracked me up. I also liked that the swings hitting anyone on level 1 still earns you a point, and that you could hit the bell on level 2. And now "Lock Down" is stuck in my head...

Fantastic presentation and styyyyyle; you really used Unity well! Unfortunately, I ran into a bug where I'd lose any controls/input, but only on certain mini-games. Regardless, the games which worked were super smooth. Well done.

The art is lovely! I ran into a few bugs (I couldn't get out of the controls screen from the main menu), but I watched the rest of your video playthrough and this is a cool little adventure game.

The character sprites are great! I wish you'd let the game screen linger a little after a character loses a life; the animation seemed like it might be cool. It'd be nice to see your game ideas for the GOTY winners after 2008.

"Think about Mr. Do! for a bit." Seeing a project requiring the RPG Maker RTP sure took me back! The writing was surprisingly funny and earnest. Keep making games!

I love the background art with the classic couch. Jason's kick is OP!!!

A simple concept, but a pretty polished Unity execution! It could have used a little more variance in where the parcels landed or how they moved along the conveyor belt. I got a real laugh out of the Funko POP being worth 100 points if you trash it. You get bonus points for the Buckfast inclusion!

I sadly couldn't get this one to run, either, but I liked the look of the graphics/GUI elements in the project folder!

The multiple choices/endings here all seem to be written well! Good job! Unfortunately, after a couple of refreshes, I started getting a 502 Bad Gateway error from I'm sure it's temporary!

This seems like it'd be a fun chaotic mess in multiplayer! The block/dash controls felt pretty good.

"They are injected into Abby’s perception by her cybereyes" is not a sentence I expected to read today! And Benbot is just straight up dark, yikes. This was terrifying on multiple levels.

The concept is almost too real! There was something oddly enticing (and addictive in a cookie-clicker way) about watching those blue bars move back and forth. Nice idea/execution!

An extremely polished and complete experience, especially for one week! Having gun shots destroy the blocks in SMB1 is a pretty fantastic twist on that formula. This controls really well, both by mouse & keyboard or by a dual analog controller. I even played it multiple times to get all the coins and the extra level! Well done!!

Nice interpretation of the classic golf swing power/angle mechanic! In particular, I really enjoyed the little pixel art versions of all the hosts in their costumes! And I liked the behind-the-scenes notes on the main game page.

Short, but oh-so-sweet. Drew's codec calls were absolutely hilarious, and that ending... I wanted more!

There's definitely the foundation here of an interesting twist on escort mission game design. I managed to get stuck UNDER the bomb at one point, but that was mostly my fault! The scrolling text until I hit START made me laugh. Nice!

I'm terrible at puzzle games, so I struggled a bit with this one. But the grumbling voice clips of the speakers made me laugh!

Haha, this was cool. It felt a little harsh to be sent back to the beginning of the game after every game over! But you absolutely nailed that style, and it controls really well considering the length of the jam (the controller support is even there, though it doesn't work on menus). Well done!

The voiceover music BGMs were absolutely hilarious! The actual game is pretty difficult with that bullet speed/density, but I made it in the end. Oestreichers win!

The bugs being able to hide between/behind sections of HTML was a neat touch. I'm interested to see what you have planned for the full game idea!

Haha, I ended up getting Don't Shake the Baby an abnormally high amount of times! The message about maxing out Construct 2's Free event limit was all too real. Great job!

I legitimately burst out laughing at several points during this! In particular, the reflection in the mirror, given the previous lore about our missing visual features; the Jesus statue behind the Ginyu Tokusentai; the Garchive; and that twist ending. Bravo!

Awesome style, and it definitely evoked the early days of Giant Bomb and that basement! The Bomb's come a long way.

This was fun! The grid/3D perspective was pretty unique, and the block breaker/stun bar was very satisfying. There's scope here for different enemies, attack patterns, etc. I think it bugged out/ended when I beat Dan? But anyway, I enjoyed it!

Hahaha! It's possible, but if you get unlucky with the semi-random pounce values, he can be tricky. I actually meant to trim down all the Garfield hitboxes a little in general, but we ran out of time while trying to get PlayMaker and Unity to  build!!

Thank you so much for trying our game! I'm dedicating a day to playing The Run and all the other entries tomorrow. :D

Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment and feedback!!

Haha, yeah, we had a massive wishlist of things we wanted to implement, including more detailed backgrounds and parallax, but the whole project was a little rushed, to say the least! I think some of the Garfields going behind pillars was an issue with the sorting layers.

Hilariously, Jeff's infinite penguin slide started as a bug we decided to leave in (originally, you sort of parked in a spot when ducking, closer to Contra), but I'm glad that worked out!