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I understand, this is something we had not considered. Thanks for the feedback, it's very valuable to us!  

Super jeu, félicitations pour l'avoir fini! :D j'adore l'option de langue.

All. Maybe not the really old ones, but it's been like this for a long time when I started using PICO-8 a year ago.

Thanks! Yep, doing `export mygame.bin` will give you a folder with binaries for all 3 platforms, and a Raspberry Pi version. PICO-8 can run on basically anything!

That is correct! explosive_barrel is the pink bomb.

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Please do not copy or reproduce my game and upload it elsewhere. However, I am fine if you just take inspiration from my ideas without copying them (especially since this is not really an original idea). How about putting your own twist on it! :)

Actually no! The internal names, in the code, don't make much sense as we named them before they even had a design or sprite. Here they are, (it's not their "official" names):

hedgehog, hedgehogbuff, juggernaut, warm (typo of worm), tourelle (turret in french), explosive_barrel, and boss.

I'll let you guess which one is which :P I think it's more fun if you come up with your own names!

I loved the aerodynamics of a cow part, 10/10 would cow again

Np! Thanks!

Releasing on Steam is suuuper expensive and tedious. But you know, maybe... ;)

Fun and tough little game! The concept is quite cool :D

Honestly, if I could change the ESDF movement scheme, I would 1000% do it. Unfortunately, it's part of PICO-8's weird unchangeable quirks, I'm sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Glad you enjoyed the game!

Only subconsciously, but yeah

Nice game!

Hey, just a heads up, we just released an update taking into account this feedback :)

Thanks! :) You're not the first one to point the similarities with Blazing Beaks (which I didn't know existed until pre-release so I couldn't have taken inspiration from it), I'll need to try out this game! 

Thanks a lot!

Np! :)

This exactly. For one, PICO-8 simply doesn't export to consoles, but even if it did, the enormous cost and effort of releasing a game to any main console just isn't worth it. Meanwhile, maybe play with a controller? I think PICO-8 supports all major controllers 

Thanks for finishing our game! :D

Sure thing! But if you own PICO-8, the cart is available on the BBS page :)

I'm glad you loved our game :D And it's interesting to know that you find the keyboard version easier, because when we implemented it I was actually scared it would make the game too easy haha

Cute little game!

Sadly, PICO-8's heavy size limitations didn't allow us to add different abilities... But we're working on an update that would add different stats for them and (maybe!) special abilities. I'm not promising anything right now, as size limitations might mess us up :p Stay tuned!

Thanks for playing! It is actually NOT endless, we should release an update to make that clear. There's 7 wagons and a boss at the end

Thanks! And yes, the name was inspired by Vimlark's game, though probably in part subconsciously


Very cool game, very original and interesting mechanic and great puzzle design!

Didn't understand level 9, sorry had to skip it :(

Cute little game! I like the graphics



This marks (almost) the end of the 3-week-long development of our Pico-8 game, Birds With Guns, a small roguelike top-down shooter. I can't state how much we're proud of it :D

Title says it all. You're a bird. But with a gun. You could say that's a ducking awesome idea :D

Play it online for free but optionally offline for the price a donut 🍩 (Windows, Linux & MacOS)

Thanks a lot :)

Thank, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

PICO-8 games are hobbyist games, virtually no-one makes an income. In other words, it's not a professional and versatile tool like Unity. Unity's business model wouldn't make any sense for PICO-8

cool! Il habite autour de où?



Very lovely game and great fun. The animations are a joy to look at and the music is quite soothing. Great job :D