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Hi! Could you please develop on what you mean by this?

Hi! Glad that you liked my game! The reason the GUI floats above the player is because originally the game was supposed to be multiplayer, and having the health bar floating above each player was the best way to display this information. Now that the game is single player, I completely agree with you that it's unnecessary. I never noticed this. Thank you for the feedback! 

I take that as a compliment! Thank you so much for playing!

That is very impressive! I'm glad that my game could bring you joy :)

Hi, no problem ! I'll do that later this evening. If you own PICO-8, you can do this on your own with the export command too.

Good idea ! Thanks for the idea

Aw man! The glass breaking sounds at the end don't work. That sucks! I'll have to look into this. At least I'm now aware of this issue, thank you for making this video!

Thank you so much for playing! I am so glad that you enjoyed my game. :)

I will consider this in the future! Thank you for your feedback! :)

Thank you!

Do as you please! I'm indifferent about whether you do it or not! 

I love Nitrome, so I am very happy to hear this! :) Thank you!

So glad that I could inspire you! Thank you for playing and good luck with your gamedev journey! :)


What an awesome score !! Thank you for playing!!

Aw mate! You'll get it next time! :)

I'm so glad to know this!! :) You'll get better at it I'm sure!!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you noticed them!

What an epic gamer 😎

You'll get it next time!! Thanks for playing!! :)

Please tell me if you ever manage to do it!

That is awesome!!!

That's awesome! I'm amazed that you played it for so long! Did you finish the game?

Hello, singleplayer is not planned but you can play alone by just ignoring the second player controls 

What an amazing combo!! I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed my game and thank you for finishing it :)

Hi! Thank you very much for your review! Cheers from France – I'll consider more language options if I ever work on this game again :D

Thanks! Glad to know you enjoyed it!!

Congratulations!!!! Thank you for playing my game! :D

Hopefully but I don't have much time to implement new stuff right now!

Glad you enjoyed my game! And yeah, spiked flies are way too hard, I'm working on an update to fix this, and more!

I love the concept! Nice execution!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game! The game's end is reached after 16 floors, but it's true that this is not communicated anywhere. I might add a leaderboard and an endless mode for people who might want to continue playing after reaching the end.

Thank you very much for you feedback! You're not the first way to say that guns feel weak or that the enemies are too strong, especially the spiked flies.

By the way, there is a way to move vertically using guns! By aiming down and shooting, your gun acts like a jetpack. Maybe I didn't communicate this feature well enough, please tell me if you didn't know about it! 

And I really like your idea of blast, which could act as a sort of dual-purpose reloading system.

I'll work on an update to improve these points, and thank you for playing! :)

Hey! Sorry about taking so long to answer, I didn't see your comment. These were done in code, using the sspr function. How are you enjoying PICO-8?

Absolument excellent! J'aime vraiment beaucoup, c'est une joie d'écouter toutes tes créations. Bravo :D


I'm glad you liked it! :)

Merci beaucoup pour tes retours et je suis content que tu aies aimé ! Je suis d'accord que le jeu est trop simple, j'y penserai si je le refais un jour. :)

Hey! I'm using your NicoPaint font as part a small commercial project of mine. I really like this font! I'd like to know if you had a license and if this is okay with you :D