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He definitely copied us

Thanks for playing.

We really benefitted from having two of on the game to achieve a decent level of graphical polish. 

Also, I am reliably informed that Vimlark copied us (I'm just the artist, but the code guy told me you'd know what this means)

Thanks for playing and providing feedback.

I think the big A and D buttons are for the mobile version  that for some reason are activated in the browser (or so I'm told). Might be better communication if made them clockwise and counter-clockwise?

In any case, thanks again

Thank you for playing. We really appreciate that.

This is a cool mechanic, I would love to see what this could be with greater complexity/scope for levels.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

We like to keep our games topical. The sun exploding is basically ripped from the headlines.

We don't mind as long as it looks cool.

Thanks a lot for playing.

We definitely benefitted from having two of us on this to get polish on the thing, otherwise you'd be looking at various coloured versions of the Godot logo orbiting one another.

Thanks, we really appreciate the feedback.

Turns out containing a sun is hard work. I wouldn't want that job either.

Thanks for playing.

We got a lot of mileage out of there being two of us, frankly - the vast majority of entries seemed to be single developer endeavours. So yeah, I think we had more time to work the graphical polish side of things by virtue of that. 


I dunno, man. Your game made me feel things in parts of me I thought were dead.

Glad to hear it. Just tried and can confirm it totally works

Still impressed - I only know enough code to be dangerous

I'm so happy

This is a really solid execution of a game within the time limit and the art is good as well - in jams, I can really respect something that clearly has an intro and end state to round out the effort. I slightly jerky way the guy flies through space is oddly endearing.

Good job.

It's worth pointing out that Holden is actually mental, though.

This is a really cool thing that demonstrates that my vocabulary is not as diverse as I thought. It's weirdly enjoyable.

This is a good gravity-based puzzler. It is proven science that slingshotting stuff around celestial bodies is cool.

For a game made inside 3 hours, this is great.

This is a cool game and a great take on the theme.

I think once it clicked that the stars seem to always fall exactly where the bodies are, I fell into a groove of shuffling the dudes back and to with pretty decent success.

There's a ton of potential here to add complexity and difficulty if you felt so inclined.

Good work.

This is a neat game. It's a familiar puzzle but actually pulling it together and have it function with start and end states is rad.

Also posting 2:59:57 in iron adherence to the time limit. Respect.

Bad Game: The Game maybe undersells this game because it's totally functional, has clear mechanics and has an end state - I certainly wouldn't say bad.

If every sprite was a star and the background was space plus some hit feedback, this would be a decent crack at the jam theme - I guess the time limit hits hard.

This is a very tight experience with very clear feedback. The fact that you implemented progression mechanics is ludicrous.

Preposterous, even.

Really good job. The space waffle is my favourite.

This is a decent game for the time limit. I think maybe a few tweaks to the speed and power of the weapons would have helped it feel a bit more satisfying from the outset but overall good work

This is a very strong concept and it looks great. This guy's rate of fire is formidable.

This is a great game that could be built up into a good puzzle package. Really impressive stuff to be new to the engine and generate the art too. Well done.

I think this game looks great and the core concept and mechanic is sound - lots of quick decision-making required for pathing safely.

I experienced something with the embed in the site which I think someone on the page commented on about the game not taking focus from the web page for some reason. When I was pressing space, the page scrolled such that I couldn't see what was going on - not sure why that is but I'm not knocking you for it.

Just occurred to me to play it in the itch app which works totally fine, just so you know.

This is too real.

Really well executed game and a great take on the theme. I have never been a VIP before this.

This is a cool thing that I played for a bit, I have no idea if there's an end-state but I like it

I like the execution of the mechanic which is simple in essence but has enough factors in play to deliver immediate challenge when attempting to control the trajectory. Nice work

This is art.

Really appreciate your comment - trying to succeed desperately as the world falls apart is a 2020 mood.

As for the look of the game, we decided pretty early the visual vibe of the thing and built out from there. We have a litany of things we're going to tighten up in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for taking the time out to play.

Thanks for taking time out to play, we appreciate it.

We kind of led with the aesthetic and fitted a game to it. We ran out of time to tune it and add sounds, but we did have a lot of dumb voice work recorded. We're going to spend a bit of time finishing and balancing the thing to realise some of our intial intentions from our earliest concept.

Hopefully you'll give the game another shot when we've added some of these elements.

Great job.

The lack of reliability on the tower placement and the ship canon are great wrinkles to the gameplay. I think a win turned out to be more achievable than I had anticipated when I first started up, but I respect making a game balanced and beatable in the time window available.

My only real complaint is that I wish the ship were a little more distinct, particularly against the grey path - though that actually might just be a problem with my eyes

Thanks for giving it a look.

We didn't get the chance to tutorialised to make the user experience what you might call "good" or "not a nightmare experience" wherein things spin out pretty fast. We're planning to do some revisions to get it into a more balanced state relatively soon.

We appreciate the feedback, I'll be sure to hit up your game today.

We really appreciate the feedback.

Our goal was to make it feel like movie hacking where you can literally mash out anything and for it to be successful. Your point about the lack of any real instructions is something that we're going to address when we do a pass to tidy things up a bit and generally make it a better nightmare experience.

We hope you'll check it out again when we've put some polish on it.

Thanks for taking the time to play our game and giving feedback, we really appreciate it.

I think with a bit more time we could have put some sort of clearer tutorialisation in there, we were very focused on look and feel from the outset. We're going to try to tidy things up and make the user experience more intuitive all round, I hope you'll play again when we've done so.

Cats are pretty cool, huh?

This is a solid execution of a neat idea and it looks great to boot. Great job

I really like the loop of Pebble, trying to dial in your shot based on the uncontrollable element of the stream. It seems like you can rely on a certain amount of judgement and skill but the dynamic of accounting for the speed of the water adds a compelling level of complexity to aiming.

I think it could use an aesthetic pass, but otherwise this is a really solid game.

The central premise is classic.

I feel like there are trade-offs between the speed/size of the ball and the player speed which may help the pace of the game to feel more out of control. I like the articulation on the player controlled guy though I ultimately didn't do much with it. As with others, I found it was possible to clear the screen by hiding behind the blocks. 

Nicely done. 

I think the game at its core is solid with a lot of potential for variations. I think that amongst the chief of these could be a way to dissuade the player standing in a corner with the shield facing out - perhaps penalising being static, having a breakable shield or some less predictable dagger paths.

I'm sure with more time, this could be fleshed out into a really frenetic experience.

Good job with this - solid concept with polished execution.

I think one of the  challenges that comes with implementing super tight controls, as you have here, is how to overcome that within the context of the game's challenge. Ultimately, I think the escalation in frequency of adversarial elements is the right choice in this case.