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Hi, thank you! It is possible directly through Ren'py thanks to this person, you can read more about it on the website linked! It should be one of the options when generating the game files. c:

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There are 3 possible endings! :) A really good one, a bad one, and a neutral one for all choices inbetween. You can see which one(s) you unlocked on the "Extra" page!

Moc děkujeme! c:

I didn't get to play the game yet – it's on my list, though – but I just wanted to say that those stickers are incredibly cute! I love the color scheme, it gives me strong pastel goth vibes (that's a good thing).

*** spoilers ***

Wow, Markaius is so quick to turn around and become an absolute ass. I played through some options back-and-forth and he switches between cruel and bitter or all oohh I'm sorry I'm the good guy. I was looking for redeeming qualities but that all seems like a facade. :0

Oh wow! I've tried to play it as friendly to everyone as possible, and boy, oh boy, did they make it difficult at times! I kept on thinking: please, don't kill Rosemary for my decisions. Please–

I loved the writing (the descriptions! the pacing in Acts II and III!), but this line especially: Tetrine projected her most skeptical tone—the one she reserved for patrons who returned damaged books or no books at all. :D

The Act I was a bit hard to get into, but I think it was mostly because of all the clickable words, I never knew whether the next word would open a new "window", further the story, or if it was just a hidden sentence. It got a bit frustrating to use the "Back" button so often, but around Act II, I no longer had this issue so I think it got more balanced by then!

Anyways, my first one was Ending V! That was... intense. I need to process it a little before trying other things. But it was a great experience, I liked the slow reveal of things and I want to know more about all of the characters.

Btw, I only did one run so far, but you should definitely change the average session time to longer than half an hour! :)

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I think the reason you did not get any response so far is that it's:

(1) unpaid (consider saving up and hiring someone?),
(2) you did not show any progress on the game already made, i.e. it is hard to tell whether this project will ever be completed, and
(3) you kind of make it sound like a competition ("prove you are good enough!") and you list all your requirements etc., but nowhere you list what the other person gets out of it!

If you want to sell the artist on your story, you might have to reveal a bit more so that they can get excited; so that they want to partner up with you for the project. What will make your game interesting? Why should they want to help with it and not, say, make something on their own? What's the unique premise, the message or any other appeal of it?

Which brings me to another point: you need to realize that when you ask for free help, the only doable way to do it is by forming a team, but your post doesn't really reflect that. You need someone who becomes your game-making partner, someone to collaborate with, but the post sounds more like a request for an (unpaid) job.

Also, I noticed you did not credit the art creators in your Dolly game and ask for help finding them. An easy way for you to do it is by reverse-searching the individual images through Google Images.

Good luck with your game!

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The beginning didn't seem like my genre but it quickly draw me in and I replayed it several times. What a plot twist! The tone and the pacing were fun and I liked the "stat" selection at the beginning and the effects it had. That definitely raised the replaying quality!

I wanted to try all the options in all conversations. I wish there was a way to skip/time-forward, but maybe it wouldn't fit the mood and the style to be able to replay parts any time you felt like it. It made the decisions feel more grave, too.

I am still confused about some things, though –

*** SPOILERS ahead ***

It means he was indeed just the 4th unstable boyfriend that the father decides to get rid of, further messing up the daughter's stability, right? But do they kill him in all endings when he doesn't leave? I was confused when he overheard several people talking about getting rid of him, but it had to be just the father, the mother was really shocked by all violent outcomes... right? So he had to be imagining that?

*** / SPOILERS ***

Also: how many endings are there?

I expected post-apocalyptic but not this level of horror, oh! I really like the art style.

I would say it is surprisingly challenging, but to be honest, that just shows you captured the experience really well! I loved the captioned selfies at the end. :)

What a beautiful bird! I love the art style & the soft colours and gradients, and the accessories are all really cute, too. c:

I think that after seeing some of the bitterness/almost a sense of entitlement? during the rejected ending, I could no longer picture them together, but that's just me. :)

Oh, I don't have that app myself so I wasn't aware! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :) Do you know why it might be, though?

Wow! Not an easy thing to play for sure, soon going on feels really, really wrong. Which is perfect for the topic, so well done! The music+art get equally disturbing but I especially liked the colour changes. As for the art itself, the buildings have a great art style and the animation is lovely too! No wonder it placed so well. :)

I may have missed it written somewhere, but may I ask how many endings are there? :)

It took me one playthrough to figure out the mechanics so I don't think it was too confusing! But wow, did it get dark fast. I did not expect so many emotions (despite the warning!). 

I really liked the concept of decisions about the plant affecting the decisions about the girl, instead of making choices during scenes with her directly. Sometimes I kind of disliked the protagonist, but it was a fun experience anyways and I was happy to be able to guess how to get the remaining endings! Oh, and the art is very cute. :)