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Oh wow! I've tried to play it as friendly to everyone as possible, and boy, oh boy, did they make it difficult at times! I kept on thinking: please, don't kill Rosemary for my decisions. Please–

I loved the writing (the descriptions! the pacing in Acts II and III!), but this line especially: Tetrine projected her most skeptical tone—the one she reserved for patrons who returned damaged books or no books at all. :D

The Act I was a bit hard to get into, but I think it was mostly because of all the clickable words, I never knew whether the next word would open a new "window", further the story, or if it was just a hidden sentence. It got a bit frustrating to use the "Back" button so often, but around Act II, I no longer had this issue so I think it got more balanced by then!

Anyways, my first one was Ending V! That was... intense. I need to process it a little before trying other things. But it was a great experience, I liked the slow reveal of things and I want to know more about all of the characters.

Btw, I only did one run so far, but you should definitely change the average session time to longer than half an hour! :)


*** spoilers ***

Wow, Markaius is so quick to turn around and become an absolute ass. I played through some options back-and-forth and he switches between cruel and bitter or all oohh I'm sorry I'm the good guy. I was looking for redeeming qualities but that all seems like a facade. :0