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The beginning didn't seem like my genre but it quickly draw me in and I replayed it several times. What a plot twist! The tone and the pacing were fun and I liked the "stat" selection at the beginning and the effects it had. That definitely raised the replaying quality!

I wanted to try all the options in all conversations. I wish there was a way to skip/time-forward, but maybe it wouldn't fit the mood and the style to be able to replay parts any time you felt like it. It made the decisions feel more grave, too.

I am still confused about some things, though –

*** SPOILERS ahead ***

It means he was indeed just the 4th unstable boyfriend that the father decides to get rid of, further messing up the daughter's stability, right? But do they kill him in all endings when he doesn't leave? I was confused when he overheard several people talking about getting rid of him, but it had to be just the father, the mother was really shocked by all violent outcomes... right? So he had to be imagining that?

*** / SPOILERS ***

Also: how many endings are there?