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Controllers and two players are pretty much required for the game, but if you want to try to set up your controls you can press enter to bring up the controller assignment screen. There are no presets for keyboard but you can set up your own. The game is not meant to work with a keyboard so I cant guarantee it will play very well.

First of all sorry to everyone playing for the delay in development. I had a lot going ton the past few months including a surprise move and minor surgery, but I'm back to it now. This update was just some bug fixes with a couple new features sneaked in.

I have been thinking a lot about the future of the game. I think the current duel was a good start but it probably isn't the best weapon choice for this type of game. The shortness of the smallsword really limits the amount of blade interaction you can get, and doesn't really showcase the sword binding action the game was intended to have. I have been doing a lot of history research as well as hands on research for where to go next with the game. I joined a group that does historical longsword fencing, so I plan on making that the next duel. The only thing left to decide is where and when this duel would be taking place. I have had a hard time nailing down just exactly who the fencing manuals were aimed towards but I'll figure something out. If you want to talk to me about the history of it I'd love to get into it.

Anyway here are the update notes.

-Added surrender button. Press start to surrender the duel.

-Added option to change the game speed. Low speed is best for beginners, full speed is pretty intense.

-Fixed bug where you could get stuck if you were disarmed while lunging.

-Falling damage now applies when ragdolled.

-Fixed up janky jumping (its still kinda janky)

-Adjusted the forward facing angle for you to better give point to your opponent.

Sorry it was delayed for a while due to life stuff. I'm getting back to work on it so the next one should be late November.

I do plan to add AI, but I don't have an estimated time for it. It will probably be 2-3 months. When AI is added it will be posted un the update notes here. Online play isn't planned due to the nature of the physics.

There are plans for AI in the future, I probably wont be this month but it is going to be in the game.

Hey all,

For this months big update I have added a few new features and gameplay improvements. The first big thing is the ability to hold the left trigger to run around. You can use this to get yourself into a more advantageous position, just screw around, or more importantly to avoid being killed when you get disarmed, which is the second major thing I have added. If you hit an opponent in the hand hard enough they will drop their sword and have to fight with their fists. In the unarmed mode you can't directly do any damage but your lunge is replaced with a quick tackle that can be used to buy yourself some time to find and pick back up your sword, or to knock an opponent off of a ledge. Speaking of ledges there is falling damage now, and to showcase this I have added a rooftop location to the random duel starts, better watch your step!

Over the next month I will be focusing on cleaning up a lot of the animation (its still pretty janky) and making the controls more solid. About half the month will be spent on polish and bug fixes, but I also plan to add new weapons to the mix. At least two new swords will be available some time in August.

Like always if you have any feedback please feel free to contact me here or via email or @yngar on twitter. Thanks for your support!

There is not a help menu but there is a readme in the zip file.

If you press enter you can bring up the controller assignment screen. There are no presets for keyboard but you can set up your own. The game is not meant to work with a keyboard so I cant guarantee it will play very well.

I made an update to the animations of the sword arm during gameplay. I changed it from the janky motion captured arm animations to some more precise manually created animations. This should improve control and gameplay quite a bit. Stay tuned for the version 0.2.0 release in a couple weeks!

The game is now available on Mac and Linux, please tell me if they don't work.

You can now use any type of standard twin stick controller to play the game. The controls are fully customizable from within the game by pressing Enter/Return. You can also set up your own keyboard controls to try the game if you don't have a controller, but the game won't really work well as it is based on analog input.

First of all thank you for checking out my game and getting in the alpha access if you have done so. The game is still quite early in development but I plan for a lot of cool stuff happening in the future.

I pushed the first update to the game today with changes I had made while showing at the convention. they are mostly minor changes I plan on getting into the meat of it these next few weeks.

Changelog 0.1.4

- Change damage calculation so that the smallsword does far less damage when cutting, but more damage when thrusting. Drawing the blade with a cut increases the damage of cuts, but stabbing does the most damage.

- Increased the walk speed

- Reduced the time scale slightly to make the swordplay more readable, this will be an option the player can toggle in the future.