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First Person Analogue Physics Based Fencing · By Yngar

Update 0.1.5 Mac and Linux + Multi Controller support

A topic by Yngar created Jun 22, 2016 Views: 254 Replies: 2
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The game is now available on Mac and Linux, please tell me if they don't work.

You can now use any type of standard twin stick controller to play the game. The controls are fully customizable from within the game by pressing Enter/Return. You can also set up your own keyboard controls to try the game if you don't have a controller, but the game won't really work well as it is based on analog input.

What are the keyboard controls? Are they posted somewhere? Is there a help or any other kind of menu accessible in game?


There is not a help menu but there is a readme in the zip file.

If you press enter you can bring up the controller assignment screen. There are no presets for keyboard but you can set up your own. The game is not meant to work with a keyboard so I cant guarantee it will play very well.