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First Person Analogue Physics Based Fencing · By Yngar

Update 0.2.2 Bug fixes and back to development. Sticky

A topic by Yngar created Nov 26, 2016 Views: 209
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First of all sorry to everyone playing for the delay in development. I had a lot going ton the past few months including a surprise move and minor surgery, but I'm back to it now. This update was just some bug fixes with a couple new features sneaked in.

I have been thinking a lot about the future of the game. I think the current duel was a good start but it probably isn't the best weapon choice for this type of game. The shortness of the smallsword really limits the amount of blade interaction you can get, and doesn't really showcase the sword binding action the game was intended to have. I have been doing a lot of history research as well as hands on research for where to go next with the game. I joined a group that does historical longsword fencing, so I plan on making that the next duel. The only thing left to decide is where and when this duel would be taking place. I have had a hard time nailing down just exactly who the fencing manuals were aimed towards but I'll figure something out. If you want to talk to me about the history of it I'd love to get into it.

Anyway here are the update notes.

-Added surrender button. Press start to surrender the duel.

-Added option to change the game speed. Low speed is best for beginners, full speed is pretty intense.

-Fixed bug where you could get stuck if you were disarmed while lunging.

-Falling damage now applies when ragdolled.

-Fixed up janky jumping (its still kinda janky)

-Adjusted the forward facing angle for you to better give point to your opponent.