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First Person Analogue Physics Based Fencing · By Yngar

Welcome and First Update v0.1.4

A topic by Yngar created Jun 20, 2016 Views: 268
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First of all thank you for checking out my game and getting in the alpha access if you have done so. The game is still quite early in development but I plan for a lot of cool stuff happening in the future.

I pushed the first update to the game today with changes I had made while showing at the convention. they are mostly minor changes I plan on getting into the meat of it these next few weeks.

Changelog 0.1.4

- Change damage calculation so that the smallsword does far less damage when cutting, but more damage when thrusting. Drawing the blade with a cut increases the damage of cuts, but stabbing does the most damage.

- Increased the walk speed

- Reduced the time scale slightly to make the swordplay more readable, this will be an option the player can toggle in the future.