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I can't connect to the master server.

Can't I use it offline?

This tool seems very interesting to me.


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It's okay. I'm already pressing the download button again lol.

I'm your fan

This downloaded file is 1.2 version.

I'm going to enjoy the game again.

Uh, the game has been deleted.

I downloaded it yesterday. September 2nd in kst

After being killed by a claw man, I was sent to a similar sewer, but I had already used up all the first aid kit. More than 100 bullets, but the first aid kit was so scarce that when I left the sewers, I was in "danger" condition.

Eventually, I died fighting a fishman monster and respawned again at Checkpoint, but hp was still a danger and no first aid kit.

Voice acting and graphics were very good.

The puzzle was simple and interesting.

It was nice to have an intuitive manipulation, but I think it would have been nice to have a hint that if we crossed over to another platform, we could follow a different route.

I almost turned off the game without opening the door the first open the door.

I don't know if I cleared the game properly. Suddenly, the title screen appears again.

I encounted the monster, and then the game title was on the screen and kicked out on the main screen. I don't know if I failed or if it was the end of the game.

I used all the first aid kit to the claw man, and I couldn't recover the physical strength that I'd spent fighting the later enemies. I've already come a long way from Starting Point to start over.

It's going to resume, but it could change a lot.

I'm trying different camera views because the exact location of the ball is confusing even if I add shadows.

Thank you.

This game has been suspended for a while now because I'm creating another game.

I'd like to add the sound first when it resumes.

Oh, I'll have to look there, too. Thank you!

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I didn't know what to do, so I just picked up the paper fans.

Is there any hint or tutorial I missed?

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Oh, was it a travel talisman bug, not an object talisman? I'm sorry to have confused you.

I look forward to the next update.

Don't forget the matches and the map marking.


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I think the key's creation location should be more sensitive.

I just couldn't find the key at the maze tile set level.

The map was rather small.

It wasn't the level to create a travel talisman instead of no way out.

I kept walking around, but I couldn't find the key.

Maybe the key was created, but I think it was stuck in the wall or overlapped with another object.

Previously, I spent a long time searching for keys on the first floor and found them stuck in a wooden board where the bed was blocked by wooden boards.

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I think I found another bug.

I moved on to the next level with the effect of Object talisman in the room of talisman.

But at the next level I couldn't pick up any talisman.

And ghosts that passed by me at high speeds appeared so often.

There is a bug that matches are used to mark the map.

Turn on the map and 'swipe the mouse down while right click pressed' to use a match when the map turn off.

It's as if the game is stopped while the map is turned on, but the system is taking input and then batchting it when the map is turned off.

I finally found a reason why matches are disappearing quickly from my inventory.

Yeah I also found them after :D

I finally met the boss.

I don't know if he's the boss.

I remember it was red and purple, and it looked like an octopus.

I didn't know what to do, and there was no way, so I walked back and found a travel talisman and escaped.

I haven't played much of the updated version yet.

I haven't met them yet.

I just woke up, so I hope meet boss today.

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I like this update.

Do you have any thoughts on adding a screen brightness control option?

I wish I could display various kinds of markers on the map.

There are also times when you can't see the player's marker clearly on the map. This is because the terrain on the map sometimes represents the same color as the player.

Text disappears from the difficulty selection screen when just play is selected

I think the ability to create a sense of fear with the feeling of being chased by an unknown being like torutaru is great.

But the map of the game is too wide and there's nothing to be used as an indicator, so it's hard to enjoy it'

And normal game mode is too dark for me...

I don't know where I am and where I'm headed.

I think the "feel of being chased by the unknown in the dark forest" section was really well created.

I hope the other parts will be updated as soon as well. I like this game

That's a great update.

I can finally see the game screen on the second floor properly.

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Thank you very much.
I accidentally went in the opposite direction.
I happened to receive a gift there. LOL

This game fun But too dark to watch

I can't see anything at 2floor

How can I buy GPS?


I like this game

Raising my pet and fighting to protect them reminds me of the flash game of breeding fishs.

I'm looking forward to updating this game

Thank you for your wonderful feedback.

I always try to create new controls when implementing game ideas, so I don't make progress.

I think it's my biggest drawback.

As you say, other people save a lot to meet the time limit in game jam, but my game isn't just a savings, it's a lot missing. You're right.

In my defense, I made a mistake in managing the schedule.

I wanted to change my daily routine, so I applied for programs and interviews for an internship.

My head is in a mess right now.

I've already submitted the game, so I'm going to update the revision later. :D

I like this game very much

Yeah, you right

It was interesting because it was like an adventure to find hidden items.

I could only find five frogs.

It was fun, but the controls were a little uncomfortable.

Ok Thank you


I agree that

Thank you!

Oh I see

How could I start game?

It's a very attractive graphic.

But I couldn't break the first part because the jump was very slippery to me.

I wish I could attack in the direction of the mouse.