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I was bored. It was 2:30 AM. I wanted to stay up until 3 AM. I made this.

Hate me if you will.

SUMMARY: BUNDO, name changable), the legendary 'BEST HERO EVER', has found himself sealed away by his arch-enemy in a cave somewhere. You control him as he fights loneliness, HELLBEAST DX, the seductive BOOB WIZARD, and FLY RATs galore. (One of them.)

Yay! The game was great, but what I loved more were the horrible fates Chook and Sosig meet every time despite their over-cartooniness. It's the contrast that really makes this great, in my opinion: cartoons in a horror world. If you're going to make any future games featuring the two (which I would play for sure!) I would love to see more content, just stuff. I don't care what it is, but either more 'routes' or just longer ones.

Anyways, criticism aside, great game! I'd also love to see Dark Sosig appearing if there's a sequel or anything like that.

This game probably is my favorite VN I've played off of so far. I am having issues with finishing Toffee and Pastille's routes. If you could make a walkthrough at some point, that'd be great, though that's probably in the art collection thing so perhaps my question is invalid. I'll think about popping you those 2 bucks sometime!

Honestly one of my favorite games on this site. The aesthetic and music match perfectly, and it just sort of... feels right.

Though, admittedly I am having issues getting Corvus' and Gervase's good endings, unfortunately. A walkthrough might be nice.