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I was bored. It was 2:30 AM. I wanted to stay up until 3 AM. I made this.

Hate me if you will.

SUMMARY: BUNDO, name changable), the legendary 'BEST HERO EVER', has found himself sealed away by his arch-enemy in a cave somewhere. You control him as he fights loneliness, HELLBEAST DX, the seductive BOOB WIZARD, and FLY RATs galore. (One of them.)

Yay! The game was great, but what I loved more were the horrible fates Chook and Sosig meet every time despite their over-cartooniness. It's the contrast that really makes this great, in my opinion: cartoons in a horror world. If you're going to make any future games featuring the two (which I would play for sure!) I would love to see more content, just stuff. I don't care what it is, but either more 'routes' or just longer ones.

Anyways, criticism aside, great game! I'd also love to see Dark Sosig appearing if there's a sequel or anything like that.

This game probably is my favorite VN I've played off of itch.io so far. I am having issues with finishing Toffee and Pastille's routes. If you could make a walkthrough at some point, that'd be great, though that's probably in the art collection thing so perhaps my question is invalid. I'll think about popping you those 2 bucks sometime!

Honestly one of my favorite games on this site. The aesthetic and music match perfectly, and it just sort of... feels right.

Though, admittedly I am having issues getting Corvus' and Gervase's good endings, unfortunately. A walkthrough might be nice.

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Wow! Finally. One thing I am curious about: would you consider making a download version as well, for offline play? That's how I play most of my VNs (keyboard controls just work better for me) and it would be quite helpful. Also, as far as suggestions for the final game go, using custom graphics for backgrounds (not just TynamoBuilder stuff) would be wonderful, and, of course, music is practically a necessity for any VN. Thanks.