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Thank you for playing. There is always one Love for each of us. Let me give you the hint to use the beatmeter, to your one and only Love <3 :)

changes made and updated. I found out, that the fullscreen-button must be clicked twice, to get the full cameraview. Gonna leave it like this for so far. Gamejam was fun and this is the last things i changed for this project. <3

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yes, ty. I think about that. i wasnt sure to make it multiplayer, so it is supposed to be singleplayer. Maybe i find a solution for it.

ty for the feedback <3 , i am gonna make those changes right away. helpful tips

Thank you, yes, the Reset-Button is quite Hidden in the top-mid. i messed it up. you can click it, even it isnt shown.

I made everything on my own. I dont know what you mean with deceit? I used Blender for modeling and animation. The Visuals are made with Krita and Photoshop. I am very Sorry for not Building for Linux. I released for Windows. I hope i get your Questioning <3

I really like it. Maybe i need more practice in aiming :) its a bit difficult to aim without a crosshair. But in all it is a solid platformer.


Well, thank you for your honest review, though it is really negative. I agree on your opinion and will only get better with honest feedback. Maybe i took not as much time as other for their game ;) I see what you mean but it still was fun making this game. I learn more and more with each jam. cya

Love it. i somehow felt like a policeofficer :)

The Lensflare is epic!

It worked after clicking the text for me

Yes, makes sense, got it. It works fine. And i finished it. Nice Game !

Solid Game! I couldn't figure out, where the turrets are built. Maybe i am just bad at playing games xD one technical issue: when using msb for cameramovement i instantly scroll in my browser ^^

Well done! i sometimes struggled with jumping, because on the edges it sometimes doesnt react, but after third play i speedrunned it ;) was fun, good job

thanks, i will note it for my next jam <3

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Thanks for the Tipp. Fixed it ;)

UnityPlayer.dll is missing ?

I love it, so smart done! good work