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I love this game, but i got stuck on a level and kept pressing Z didn't bring me back to the start status, might be adding a reboot level pause scene going forward?  Another thing is that maybe I would add W key to enable player jump, maybe it is just a force of habbit to use WASD for me. Overally I think this game has the potential to launch in the future, I like it very much. Like bombsher said, it has a lot of potential, there are just so many things you can play with the mechanics, but I also recon that the level design may get more challenging when the project gets more in depth. Looking forward to see this project goes live man, I'm adding it to my game collection to see how it goes in the future. 

I can't believe you guys pull this amazing thing off in a week. I am a huge fan of turn based games, hundreds of hours put in CIV, Divinity 2 etc. This game deserves more rating than it currently have. 

I mean, wow, just wow. 

Wish it can be longer, I want to play more.

The game is smart and it makes me feel smart when I do some clever moves with the record/play mechanic, I didn't finish the entire game but i have added it into my collection to finish the rest levels at a later time. 

I feel the game can be so much more if not limited by the game jam time constraint.  I agree with some other comments, it would be great if we can freely switch between the robots, it would be smoother. 

I found a small bug during my play, sometimes the robot can stick to the wall when falling, not something major.

the puzzles are really smart

I kinda feel like I'm playing a relaxing version of dark souls, lol.

Music is great, easy control, everything fits nicely. 

I kinda feel like I'm playing a relaxing version of dark souls, lol.

Music is great, easy control, everything fits nicely. 

I want more levels, i can't stop playing it

I got stuck on the tutorial level where it says "explode me to continue"...I kept shooting that cube for about 3 minutes and nothing happened, also shot the other bomb cubes around it, they exploded but the "explode me to continue" cube stands still. 

I like the overall feel of the game, but what should I do to continue? ? 

Great graphics, truly. it’s so easy to see this could be made into a full game for sale.

I wish I could have the skills to make a top down shooter like this one. It’s really fun to play.

love your graphics and puzzles, simple and direct. Well done man.