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Very juicy and arcady. Had fun. Just the sound effects get a bit annoying over time

The amount of polish is astonishing. Keep it up!

I enjoyed the mix between tactics, rng and skill. You nailed it pretty well. The variety of different dice is astonishing for such a short development time. Music and art also match very well. Awesome submission!

The hit boxes are unforgiving :) You could tweak them and add some more feedback like animations and stuff. The concept is great, though.

Interesting take on the match-the-dice eyes concept. Took a while until I got used to the controls, but then it was fun.  

The concept is really nice. I liked the music. 

The concept is really nice. I liked the music. 

The art is nice. I only wish there was an indicator on which side the key is.

Nice style. Camera feels a bit clunky, but the arrows work well to move the dice.

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The wind destroyed my house, so I built a shelter beside it :D

Like it. Some interesting ideas. The Character controller works fine as well. 

I got overrun by enemy cells. However, I like the presentation. For example the 3D view of the hexgrid and cells, which is rather unique.

Very addictive and suspensful. 10/10

Great concept and exceptionally good execution for a game jam. This is literally a finished game with beautiful pixel art, nice music and quality of life features. It's very clear communicated what happens through sound and visual effects. Each shape has it`s own challenge and the selection of shapes seems very well balanced. 

[I built an abomination of a tower and made it all the way up to the moon until one gem hit my tower and all pieces suddenly blasted away in all directions.]

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Lots of questions. What are the black spheres? What's the bar over my workers heads for? Which stat is used for upgrades? The score? Are resources turned into gold (yellow spheres)? "Gier" and "Libido" correlate. What an interesting rethoric. 

However, like the aesthetic and simplicity of the visuals. Also the animations are very nice. 

Lovely interpretation of Snake. Love the vibrant colors. Music is gorgeous and helps to get in the flow. 

Thank you!

How do I control the feathers?

I like the atmosphere. The music and all the subtle animations of the trees on the map and especially at the campside made the game feel like a memory of being in nature. Very calm but full of life and wonder. I travelled alone until day 5 - because i went to sleep immediately each evening - but at day 6 a bunch of people joined me at the campfire and i realised that i can share my stuff with them, which was a very heartwarming moment. In times like these, even the little things can make you happy :) 

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we published a first gameplay demo of our local coop game xDasher. We worked really hard the past months to get to this point. The goal of this demo is to test the basic gameplay features so any feedback you can provide is greatly appreciated.

xDasher is a fast-paced couch coop game for up to 4 Players, which leverages both competition and cooperation. Triumph over and with your friends, fight for high scores and feel victorious if you made it together! We recommend playing it with 3 to 4 Players to get the full couch coop madness experience! 

In xDasher you battle your way through increasingly challenging stages defeating waves of enemies and demanding bosses. The key to success is coordinating your team, precise dashing, good timing and a thorough understanding of both enemies and environment. Enemies can only be defeated if you work together!

Additionally, in the spirit of arcade competition, your team will fight for the highest score on the online leaderboard. As a team you increase your score by killing enemies. As an individual player, you can earn bonuses, but also suffer penalties for your team's score. Everyones actions count!

Fell in love with the game. The beauty here lies in the simplicity. It also has great game feel.

Great Game. Enjoyed it. The art style and colorsheme is very nice and the levels are well planned for a game jam game.