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ok i pull up

oh yeah my bad. Post updated.

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Top-down classic zelda-like where you play as a pirate looting treasures and goods in islands while trying to maintain your five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) healthy. It was made in under 3 hours for the Trijam #167.

nice way of managing the theme, kudos 😁

I'm sorry, you were right. The death screen was bugged!

I fixed it now, thanks again! 😊

Hi, first of all thanks for playing! 😊

Yes, the trees were supposed to have utility but I had to scrap it because I wouldn't be able to implement an Inventory system + items effects in the time I had left, hence why they spawn with a variety of different fruits - the player was supposed to pick them to heal different senses.

About the restart button: it was supposed to have one upon death 🤔(both by HP and any sense going to 0). Only thing I can think of is if you died by getting your sight to zero? There might be some overlapping of the panels... I wasn't able to test that 😭 Unless you're talking about restarting midgame, if so, that's a good idea I didn't think of at the time 😭

I love getting lost in libraries

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thanks for the kind words 🌶️

Also thanks for reminding me... I forgot to add a Credits screen 😳

  • I made the characters, few props and most VFX (skills, statues, clouds, etc);
  • most UI art is from (their collection is AMAZING);
  • shader is Quibli -- it's very tweaked and I played a lot with post processing;
  • for the dungeon walls, ground and most props in the dungeon I used Top-Down Dungeons 2, tho I think it's not fitting the theme so I might change a good chunk of it;
  • terrain textures are stuff I edited and/or merged together from, Enviro and Lumo-Art 3D's FREE Stylized PBR Textures Pack.
  • and IIRC I used one VFX from Zakhan Spells Pack.

Also I think the only thing I kinda "had made" before the jam is the UI design, which is almost the same as in the main project I'm working on.

Thanks a lot for the report! Also I'm sorry the Browser version runs subpar, I'll probably have to disable it for the time being since I don't currently have time to check on this project :(

I'd love to hear your opinions on the game if you get to test the downloadable version, tho!

amazing presentation! Also I love the music

Good job on implementing so many topics!

Lovely story. Now I want to try out garlic pretzels 😅

Bite-sized horror game about a skeleton detective and human sacrifice.



congrats on beating me by 3 days 😅 I loved the aesthetic!