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Hey, if you want to add autosave, just add this to your Javascript (located in the story tab if you are using the Twine App):

Config.saves.autoload = true;
Config.saves.autosave = true;

Fixed a small bug where the reveal link was showing the code instead of working as intended.

Yeah, I didn't notice that during testing. I looked at it and it was not liking the kind of quotes on it. Should be fixed now.

Thank you for keeping the back buttons. That would have been frustrating otherwise. I think I got every bad end imaginable XD.

Yeah, I was 13 living on the Northshore when Katrina hit and I kinda have to deal with hurricane trauma in some artistic way at least once a year. Plus Ida has been at the back of my mind since it hit last year, on the bloody anniversary of all dates.

any game but with an unskippable hour long opening cinematic

Isn't that Metal Gear Solid IV?

I plan on making a roughly 3 hour long RPG, but its a plot/new game plus loop where the ending changes every time, around 25 times. And some endings can only be accomplished if you game over at the right time, or else it skips it, and you would have to loop all the way around again to get that ending in the endings order. And I want achievements attached to each ending. I know some completionists that would have their brain hemorrhage over such a system.

What Twine Format did you use for this? Love the CSS work you put into this as well.

Hi, I have made various games in a jam setting (two of which can be found on my itch page). I just wanted to post some general advice for those who are looking to jam a narrative game for this jam. Note that this advice is not universal, mileage may vary, but I feel it would be a good place to start. Furthermore, if you want to add to this, feel free to respond to this thread as well with your own advice even and especially if it might contradict my own.

  • Keep it under 5000 words max. I even only suggest this high of a word count because we have two weeks. For the last two Global Game Jams I wrote roughly 1500 words each including code, and that was in 48 hours. 
  • Figure out the mechanics/hook first, then write the narrative to emphasize the mechanic. Try and build a small prototype/proof of concept of that mechanic, then expand from there.
  • I would also recommend a rough outline that has all your important nouns, verbs, and characters. 
  • Further, if you are doing a choice based IF, I would recommend including in your outline an emphasis on your major choices where the narrative branches. If a parser game or walking simulator is more your speed, a section in the outline giving a quick rundown of your rooms and their interactable objects would also be a good idea. 
  • I would also make  a rough outline of the plot as well, something akin to doing a basic story circle as popularized by Dan Harmon. Organizing these will give you much more structure in building your game and give you a roadmap to build, plus its experience towards Game Design Documents.

More advice can be found in the NarraScope discord's Game Jam channel, so I would recommend looking through that as well. So good luck on getting a game made, I believe in you!

Ha, yeah, that's how my brain/conscious talks back at me when I am inner monologuing, so feeling like the inner voice is attacking you probably is a little biased towards my self loathing complex. Thanks for playing!

I loved it, the stealth crawl at the beginning, and the messaging about you can't have life without death. I chose to live.

Thanks for playing! I am really glad you noticed the old-school inspirations!

Took me a while to figure out your choices, until it clicked I thought my tablet had screwed up reading some sort of markup formatting XD.

it was at the store, I first bought the soda, made the wrong decision, then went to the store and bought a dead fish and librarian. After that there were no more prompts.

Detective story mixed with plant people, it's an interesting concept. Only problem I had was that one of the endings is abrupt, with no signal stating that you reached an ending like the bad end.

I found the surrealist humour of this narrative rather enjoyable. However, I did run into a big at one point where at the store it prevents progress due to no more content in the loop. I had to restart the story at that point.

I am glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you very much!

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There are actually four endings, if you think you want to play some more. Thanks for playing!

Reminds me of the dungeon crawling in the original Phantasy Star games.

Just letting you know, when I left the guitars to charity, the items were not shown in The Will.

So what you guys really want is something more in the Vertical Slice Territory than a rough prototype?

I like the fact that now I can get decent/official translations of VNs on legitimate store fronts on top of the fact that we have western written ones as well.

This trend has made me feel much more secure on working on my current gamedev project, which is an Interactive Fiction/Visual Novel game made in Twine. Until recently, I did not think such games would be successful in the modern game space.

This is a game I will definitely be purchasing when I get decent employment again.