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Very well done.  I enjoyed playing this a lot.  Reminded me of Megaman X a little bit.  Looking forward to the next demo!

I enjoyed every second!  I swear there is mouse accel or something...  It's a little annoying when spike traps are on your floor and it sounds like they are right next to you the whole time.  I'm not sure why I found 1101 throwing daggers, but each throw uses 30 of them.  The level after the slime boss had a store and dead enemies right from the start, did the the mysterious salesman clear it out for me but leave the treasures?  What a gentleman.  I'd love to see more secrets on each floor!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback!!  Yea my combat and enemies are super basic at the moment.  I have some ideas on how to make it more interesting for the next demo.  There is a healing item but I left it disabled for the demo to gauge difficulty.  Unfortunately a few damage related bugs made it harder than intended...  New sounds are on the way!  I fully agree I need some good rattling bones in there somewhere.  It will happen.  I will also revisit the level with some new rooms and set dressing so it doesn't look so repetitive and maze-like.  The next demo will be even better!

The sword 'powers up' for three swings after reaching a checkpoint at the moment.  I will probably change that to work differently.  It is definitely too samey looking at the moment.  A few new unique larger rooms and some set dressing should help there.  I am on the hunt for good sounds constantly, but it has been surprisingly tough to find what I want.  Will definitely add prism stones.

This is looking really good!  Sensitivity changes don't seem to apply correctly.  I'd really like a FOV slider too.  And what everyone else said, scrollwheel for weapons!!  Great job though

Starting off with pages of dialogue about a kid with her pet cat and dog was a bold move, Jack.  Introducing two more characters, Peperi and Rey, before I've even seen the first three characters is also feeling like a lot!  Maybe it would be cool to have a picture with each paragraph and do a little picture book/slideshow/comic of the intro for brainlets like me...  And some HUD elements showing the available actions would be cool.  The game seems intuitive and fun though!  I like the meow button and the characters.  And the pitch change in music when underwater!  I wish the dialogue wasn't interrupted by me zooming into the phone booth.  I'd really like a faster way to pair up, like if I'm playing the cat and I jump through the fairy, it auto attaches.  Or if I fly into the cat, I attach and pilot the cat.  The sun fight was cool, i like the dynamic environment stuff a lot.  More blood than I expected.  Good demo!

I am a filthy casual at these kind of games but here's my feedback:  I had fun!  The stacked enemies/miniboss guy doesnt fall to the ground if I kill the bottom guy first, I dunno if that is intended.   He's fun to fight though.  I feel like the first platforming section starts off a little too difficult, punishing me with spikes and resets when I'm just learning the height/distance/timing of the jump and trying to figure out what even is the next platform felt like a sudden difficulty spike, lmao.  (I am a filthy casual though.)  Its odd that some fading platforms fade when you jump to the platform below them, I guess because your head clips into them.  Its also not always clear if I can drop down to another area or die instantly...  Walking into the side of spikes hurting you is BULLSHIT!!!  It seems kind of awkward when the screen transition isn't at the edge and happens instead 1/3 into the screen.  (Like when going indoors/outdoors at some sections)  Living Armor was a fun fight.  Good demo!

Oh no, someone looked at the hotkey menu.  My greatest fear has come true.  It doesn't work at all, lol.  I've looked at it once in the past month.  But no more, I will fix it!  The skeleton arm scaring people is great, its probably the unsheath noise being too loud.  And you are right, my enemies suck at the moment.  One of my top priorities now is making more interesting designs that will keep the combat fresh.  Thanks for playing!!

The demo is actually much harder than intended at the moment.  The grabbing skeletons are dealing a lot of extra damage due to a bug.  (And as you pointed out, they grab through stuff.)  It's not impossible, just a little unfair.  I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!!  New sounds are on the way, definitely.  More interaction with the environment is totally happening, I was thinking the same thing:  Smashing barrels, cutting webs, etc.  I will take another look at the shield positioning, it was initially too high.  Maybe I lowered it too much.  I would love to add skeleton legs, but it will be tough because of how I made my first person character.  I might try something out though.  Checkpoints will get a little flash effect and sound when you reach them so they are more obvious.  And yea, it has been a long war against my spawning system smushing my skeletons into floating piles, but I will fix it sooner or later!!  Thanks again for trying out the game and leaving feed back!

Thanks!  I agree, they need meatier attacks.  I will try out some different attack animations before the next demo.  And a daggerfall scream sounds great too.  Skeleton noises are hard to source.