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The demo is actually much harder than intended at the moment.  The grabbing skeletons are dealing a lot of extra damage due to a bug.  (And as you pointed out, they grab through stuff.)  It's not impossible, just a little unfair.  I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!!  New sounds are on the way, definitely.  More interaction with the environment is totally happening, I was thinking the same thing:  Smashing barrels, cutting webs, etc.  I will take another look at the shield positioning, it was initially too high.  Maybe I lowered it too much.  I would love to add skeleton legs, but it will be tough because of how I made my first person character.  I might try something out though.  Checkpoints will get a little flash effect and sound when you reach them so they are more obvious.  And yea, it has been a long war against my spawning system smushing my skeletons into floating piles, but I will fix it sooner or later!!  Thanks again for trying out the game and leaving feed back!