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Quite enjoyed the game up until the first checkpoint, then I got filtered by the grabbing skeletons and couldn't get much further than the pile of bones after the pendulum axes. Will endeavour to go further.

Some more sound dev would do wonders (Rattling bones for the skeletons, attack sounds for the skeletons, more ambience to set in that you are deep in the dungeons.)

Being able to interact more with the environment with the sword or shield would be good too. (Clanging your sword against the rock, being able to break boxes and pots that were in the construction section of the dungeon, being able to cut through the webs and have them fall apart, rather than them just disappearing as you walk through them).

The first person view is a little disorienting, you can look down and see you have no body, but you can see from shadows that you have a sword, a shield, and a lantern. The shield is a little too far down to tell when you have it raised or lowered (May be down to the FOV? I did not change any settings upon launch).

I didn't know I had even reached a checkpoint and that my health and stamina had refilled until after I died further on, so perhaps some player feedback that they are in a safe location? (A change in the ambience, maybe have the candle on a table rather than on the floor, etc.).

The grabbing skeletons are a little obnoxious, as shields don't seem to deter them, their hitbox can only be interacted with when they are immediately upon you, and they can grab you through doors and bars. (An example being in the corridor of doors after you reach the first checkpoint, before you reach the pendulum axes).

There are some issues with the skeleton spawning, sometimes they'll spawn conjoined and be stuck in the air, and sometimes they'll spawn on the player midway through the room.

The demo is actually much harder than intended at the moment.  The grabbing skeletons are dealing a lot of extra damage due to a bug.  (And as you pointed out, they grab through stuff.)  It's not impossible, just a little unfair.  I'm glad you enjoyed it regardless!!  New sounds are on the way, definitely.  More interaction with the environment is totally happening, I was thinking the same thing:  Smashing barrels, cutting webs, etc.  I will take another look at the shield positioning, it was initially too high.  Maybe I lowered it too much.  I would love to add skeleton legs, but it will be tough because of how I made my first person character.  I might try something out though.  Checkpoints will get a little flash effect and sound when you reach them so they are more obvious.  And yea, it has been a long war against my spawning system smushing my skeletons into floating piles, but I will fix it sooner or later!!  Thanks again for trying out the game and leaving feed back!