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I enjoyed every second!  I swear there is mouse accel or something...  It's a little annoying when spike traps are on your floor and it sounds like they are right next to you the whole time.  I'm not sure why I found 1101 throwing daggers, but each throw uses 30 of them.  The level after the slime boss had a store and dead enemies right from the start, did the the mysterious salesman clear it out for me but leave the treasures?  What a gentleman.  I'd love to see more secrets on each floor!

Thanks! The mouse acceleration feel might be that you look around more slowly when sprinting. The spike trap thing seems like a bug and I'll work on it. The durability of ranged weapons is kind of a mix between ammo and actual durability, but I left it as one number to keep it simple. 

And while that salesman did wipe the floor for you, he might've just taken some of the treasure to sell it back to you too.

There's a lot of things to discover in this game, not only item-wise, but mechanic wise, and I hope you have fun mastering it.