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I am a filthy casual at these kind of games but here's my feedback:  I had fun!  The stacked enemies/miniboss guy doesnt fall to the ground if I kill the bottom guy first, I dunno if that is intended.   He's fun to fight though.  I feel like the first platforming section starts off a little too difficult, punishing me with spikes and resets when I'm just learning the height/distance/timing of the jump and trying to figure out what even is the next platform felt like a sudden difficulty spike, lmao.  (I am a filthy casual though.)  Its odd that some fading platforms fade when you jump to the platform below them, I guess because your head clips into them.  Its also not always clear if I can drop down to another area or die instantly...  Walking into the side of spikes hurting you is BULLSHIT!!!  It seems kind of awkward when the screen transition isn't at the edge and happens instead 1/3 into the screen.  (Like when going indoors/outdoors at some sections)  Living Armor was a fun fight.  Good demo!

Thanks! As for the spikes... I'll try to make it so you can't simply walk into them anymore. I'll be sure to include it in the next demo, as well as making the level more intuitive.