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Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you so much, and I'll definitely give your game a try!

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Thank you! Making puzzle games is pretty difficult, but it's always pretty fun seeing how they turn out in the end. I think you did a great job with your game!

Thank you! It's also ok I didn't read the instructions either

Thank you! I realize now that scroll wheel wasn't too good. I had a rough figuring out how to map the controls and thought "Yeah this might be ok" 

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! Also that movement thing is a good idea. I was workin non-stop on this to the last minute and I really wanna brush it up after the jam is over

Holy the mutation aspect of this game was pretty neat tbh It gave it a really rouge-like feel to it. I also liked the combination of navigating the player and aiming as one centralized thing. Like, not only do I have to aim at my enemies with my cursor, I also have to be aware that I don't have my cursor isn't on top of the enemy. I thought that was a really cool idea

Thank you, It's something I think about a lot 

The game is simple and yet fun. I think this is one of the best usages of the limitations. I also love the combination of the music suddenly stopping and starting when you move and the little peak out animation the magnifying glass does. Honestly very great, I don't have any gripes with it. Great job!

Also this is my best score: 

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Game was really fun! It was literally fast and explosive. When I saw there was a time based score, my speedrunner instincts kicked in. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay was very well done. Great game and good job! 

Btw my best score was:

113192pts in 19 sec.

It was short simple and fun. I thought it was pretty funny at the end were they were like "f**ck it, just take the diamond". I also liked how the turrets shooting each other was intentional, actually thought for a moment I ran into a bug. Overall, great game! Good job!

The game was overall just really fun. It is kinda a pain in the butt to have to memorize every level you complete, but I don't think it offsets how good the game is. The music was nice, the graphics were pretty good, and the overall thinking and strategy you have to put in to complete each level makes it very fun. Good job!

The music was a bop. I was little upset ngl cause I cleaned the entire house and they were still upset that I moved the boxes around. The first time I missed some dirt but didn't hit over any boxes and they were upset. The second time I cleaned the crap out of that house but I did indeed yeet those boxes to the heavens, and they were still upset. I think it's their fault for putting boxes on piles of dirt! 

But for real, I had a good time playing the game. I like how the limitation was lethal to my paycheck, which hit home a lot harder than it should have. Great game and good job!

I had the exact same problem as Hederluden did as well. It opened a command prompt thing with the 

 "This program was made with an Unlicensed compiler.

       Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE."

message as well. 

The game was graphically very interesting. I was a big fan of the glitchy effects and the concept, but I had a very hard time navigating around. It seems like for each room, you can only switch back and forth once, there didn't seem to be a way to turn on and off the routers that I could find, and if you failed the first level, and clicked restart then climb all the way up or down, you were just stuck. The concept itself though was pretty interesting, just needed a bit of tuning. Nice job!

Game was short and simple. The randomization for the numbers shown in the top right-ish was mildly stressful, but I thought it was a nice feature! Good game!

I thought it was a fun playthrough. I will say that dodging the clouds seems near impossible if any of them spawn directly in front of you. Other than that I thought the soundtrack was really catchy, and game itself was just fun. My Highscore btw was 45. Good game overall!

The concept was pretty interesting and I had a good time on my first playthrough of it. However, there was a pretty game-breaking bug for if you click "Play Again" and go through the game again. I was unable to click and attack anything anymore even though it made the sound effect and I was also unable to die. All in all, I thought it was a pretty interesting game!

The game looked really cool. Think my only dig was that you can pretty much place the turrets anywhere on the screen. Overall though, it was pretty fun! Good job!

It was pretty fun! The controls were a bit buggy when you got stuck, but it was easily solved by the reset button. The game felt pretty good overall and I was especially blown away by the ending! Good job!

The was kinda glitchy, the enemies and stuff didn't actually move towards the player. Essentially you could just sit there and there's no danger. That being said, I did manage to make it to 39 rounds survived. Overall, I thought the concept was pretty interesting and reminded of that old snake game where you eat stuff and then get longer, and then have to avoid yourself but in a different way. Nice job!

I thought the game was ok. I'm glad you managed to patch that one issue where you couldn't progress upwards. For a large majority of the game I felt pretty lost in what to do, where to go, or what was even happening. But the music and vibes throughout the game made it a pretty interesting experience. Nice job!

I had a surprisingly fun time with this game. I will say that at the end of each level it says "Press Enter", but its actually space bar. I felt like I made it pretty far but ended up getting stuck at the "Press F" level. Even though the overall design felt a little buggy, I got really invested into it(For not the camera angles though).

The game was pretty amazing. Everythin from the art to the music made it a real fun play. I got genuinely scared by those mask creatures that like latch onto you, and I'm always a big fan of using sanity or health for stuff. Good job!

I thought the game had a pretty fun story with a good set-up. I will say the coin spawn rate felt a little low(had to wait a while for a coin to spawn), and I had a hard to telling if my hitboxes were gonna collide with the cars. The graphics were pretty fun and nostalgic, and its pretty nuts you did this all in scratch.  Good game!

That was pretty good. It was nice to see another game made in GMS! I ended up being more interested in seeing the various death animations at the end. I thought hallucinating when I got killed by the Impostor. Good game!

I thought it was pretty fun. It had a bit of learning curve for me, but overall I think it was very well-executed and it fit with the limitation quite well.

I thought it was pretty cool and well executed. I think the flying godot things made it a little too easy to survive, but I had a pretty fun time trying to figure out what's up. I felt like the game's easy to pick up and was pretty fun.


I felt like it was pretty difficult and a bit all over the place, but I really enjoyed the grappling hook especially, and I thought the idea was interesting.

Startin soon!

Ah shit that's a pretty good one

Just did, thanks for remindin me!

Thank you!