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  1. Build a clay furnace
  2. Get charcoal by putting 2 logs in the furnace
  3. Get metal ore by mining
  4. Turn the furnace from charcoal to metal
  5. Put the charcoal and metal ore in the furnace

Metal saw blade:

  1. Build a metal workbench
  2. Get 4 metal from doing the above
  3. Put them into the workbench for 2 metal plates
  4. Get 1 stone by mining/gathering
  5. Now you can make a metal saw blade in the workbench

From what I can tell there isn't, hope it will be implemented soon.

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The bots are a little buggy sometimes.. What worked for me is having him mine where 2 boulders are close to each other. After a quick save & load he began mining them both.

When I tried adding a bot they both went afk after mining 1 as you said.

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Mr_Mobius_ is right, they can't hold more. I think it's still in progress because both say "Basic Workerbot" when you open there inventory.

              Crude Workerbot                     Basic Workerbot              

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Answered that in thedude646's question below.

I've been having problems with mine because of cereal crops that won't turn into cereal. (Bots keep mining them -> no cereal gains)
It's a similar problem as the one with the trees,

Hope I can fix it..

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I'm still testing the farming aspect of the game but this is what I found out until now:

First you need to go to a cereal crop field, there you will find weed which you want to dig. The weed becomes weeded soil, now you can fertilize it and it becomes soil.

Weed will grow back on weeded soil, but it won't on soil

If you get cereal from a cereal crop the ground will turn into either weeded soil (not fertilized) or back to soil (fertilized).
Found out that there's no differents in planting cereal seeds in weed, weeded soil or soil, only the hight of the cereal crop varies, which doens't effect the amount that you get from it.

Cereal seed:
You get 2 cereal seeds from 1 cereal in the cereal seeder (I think the cereal seeder is a little bit to slow for getting only 2, maybe it's just the crude version of it).

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How do I use those scooters?
After making one just put it in your inventory by pressing "Q".

Does it also work on robots you may ask.
I haven't tested it very well but from what I could tell there wasn't a noticeable differents between with or without, the only thing that's different is the sound (the robot won't ride it, it just makes the sound)

About the mallets.
You need 1 wooden mallet to build a totem.

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Now with the repeat until loops you can program the bots better, but you can only choose from 2 options: until hands full or until hands empty.

I know there will come more options in the future and thats ok, but they will always repeat until a specific "thing" is true.

In short: the repeat until loops are going to be for specific things.  (less thinking,  only the options given)

My idea:  if you add repeat x times loops you can use it for various things. (more thinking, all the options you can make with this)

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Step 1:   Go into Edit Mode by pressing "E".
Step 2:   While in Edit Mode press "delete" to go into Delete Mode.  ("delete" = keyboard button with delete on it)
Step 3:   Click on the building you want to delete.

Don't forget that you have to go out of Delete Mode first (by pressing "delete") before you can get out of Edit Mode (by pressing "E") or you can just click on the "X".

Hello, I like this game a lot but I'm used to aiming in games with guns, so it would be fun if u could implemented aiming with right click and maybe crouch with CTRL.

Thanks for making this awesome game ;)